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Linux Distribution: CCux Linux
Url: http://ccux-linux.de/

The CCux Linux released . Some highlights of this release: kernel 2.6.16; KDE 3.5.2; RPM 4.4.2 and 'smart' package manager; Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5; many installer bug fixes (uses QTParted now). We now finally use 'smart' as the package manage

About CCux Linux
It's nearly a year since the last release now and it has been time to get a new one done, installing and updating the last one wasn't really fun anymore! But be aware, there have been many bugfixes and internal changes in that time. We would like to thank all who supported us, which way ever, but specially arcam and Gotti who joined the Development team, without their help and speed to build packages we won't have that number right now, not forgetting to mention everyone else out there who helps to make this community a bit better!

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