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Linux Distribution: Buffalo
Url: http://buffalolinux.dyndns.org/

BuffaloLinux is a Slackware based distribution.

About Buffalo
Additionally, it supports both 'rpm' and 'deb' packages through its install and upgrade scripts ('buff', 'Buff', 'sudobuff' and 'sudoBuff').

The default windowmanager is ICEWM, but BlackBox, FluxBox, XFCE4, and WindowMaker also come pre-installed.

Integrated versions of both GNOME and KDE are available on the Buffalo-Extras CD. Support and download of CodeWeavers Office is provided for MS Windows based programs.

Also included on the Extras-CD is a 'Buffalo-rapped' demo-package of Win4Lin. Existing Buffalo Themes are accessed via the 'Desktop' Menu.

A Buffalo theme is composed of three elements: a backdrop (color or image), a GTK theme (or style), and a ICE theme. Users can create and save their own themes. These three components can be set as follows:


The backdrop can be set to an image using the 'Set Background' option under the Desktop Menu. The setting of a background image overrides any background color setting.

Similarly, the background color can be set using the 'Set Background Color' selection. The two other background selections clear or reset the background. 'Clear Background' removes a current background image ? setting the color to the last color setting. 'Reset Background' also removes any background image, but additionally resets the background color to its default 'dark cyan' (old Windows 98).

GTK Style

The GTK theme (or style) can be chosen by selecting 'GTK Style' on the Desktop Menu. This brings up a list of currently installed GTK themes and displays an example for effect. Other GTK themes can be downloaded by selecting 'Get GTK Style'. This will bring up an Opera browser on the FreshMeat.net site listing of themes. There are approximately 500 themes available for download. Multiple themes can be chosen/downloaded. After downloads complete, click the OK on the GTK message box to install the themes.

ICE Theme

The ICE window manager has its own themes. These represent variations in the toolbar and window appearance. Also variations in the window button actions. The 'Get ICE Theme' selection will bring up Opera on the Freshmeat.net ICE theme page. There are 248 ICE themes available for download. You can also create your own variations by editing the related configuration files. The ICE Theme setting is a ICE built in Menu option 'Themes'.

New Features

Added in version 1.2.1 (patch level 1) is an Export option to create a Buffalo 'buff' install package of the selected theme. Also available (patch level 2) is a 'Set Buffalo Color' option. This option will set the color the the 'Buffalo' button on the taskbar to match colors of the ICE theme. It is provided to manually update the button after changing an ICE theme.

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