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Linux Distribution: BeleniX
Url: http://www.genunix.org/distributions/belenix_site/

BeleniX 0.4 (Alpha) A new, much enhanced development build of BeleniX, an OpenSolaris-based live CD, has been released:

About BeleniX
This is a major new release featuring some significant additions listed below:
Enhanced the lofi (loopback file device) kernel module to support on the fly decompression using zlib. This coupled with a utility to perform the compression now allows the /usr filesystem on the CDROM to be in compressed form.
Maximum Zlib compression has allowed adding in 1.5 GB of software on the CD with room for more!
Compression has also provided significant boottime reductions. The LiveCD can boot into an Xfce desktop in around 3 mins. You can see this if you execute "df -h" in a terminal window after booting into Xfce desktop.
Includes the latest KDE 3.5.1 and Koffice 1.5 Beta with native OpenDocument support.
Includes all of the GNOME base libraries.

Includes other apps like Amarok music player, Evince document viewer, GIMP, Python, Mtools, Samba, BerkeleyDB, Graphviz (with Cairo integration), GnuPG, Quanta+, PostgreSQL, Xerces, Subversion, Kdevelop etc. In all about 234 software packages are present not counting the individual software in the KDE metapackages.
QT has been built using libXft and freetype2 which adds support for Font Antialiasing in KDE and QT Applications.

The iosnoop.d script from the DTrace Toolkit was used to analyse KDE and Xfce startup file access pattern. This has enabled file placement optimization using the "-sort" option to mkisofs to improve Xfce and KDE startup performance.
The /root home directory is now mounted on tmpfs to avoid filling up limited space on the ramdisk.
Reduced ramdisk size by moving some unneeded directories from /etc and moving some kernel modules (like audio drivers) from /kernel in the ramdisk to /usr/kernel in the CD. The ramdisk size is now around 55MB.

Disabled startup of autofs to reduce startup overhead.
Removed the automatic ramdisk caching mechanism that was in 0.3 . This caused some trouble on certain hardware.


The lofi patches will be posted here in a few days. This release is still using OpenSolaris build 27 due to some hardware support issues with builds after 27. The next 0.4.1 release will however move to build 34.

* BeleniX LiveCD version 0.3 released (Dec 18 2005)
A new version of the LiveCD has been released containing several new software packages and several enhancements. The highlights of this new release are mentioned below:

NOTE: OpenSolaris Build 27 onwards includes crypto stuff. Please read the note on OpenSolaris Download page before downloading.

This release features a Perl-Curses based Hard Disk installer (hdinstaller utility) that can dump the contents of the CD to a Solaris2 partition. It allows one to partition the harddisk setup Solaris slices and also does basic configuration like setting hostname and root password.

Writing an installer is non-trivial and this was contributed by Sriram Popuri. See the Documentation page for more info on the installer.

Enhancements to speed up the booting process. Enhancements have been done to speed up booting both in the generic case and also in the case where more RAM is available. Having more RAM gives the biggest reduction in boottime. See BootTime Reductions (Faster Boot) for details.

This release is based on OpenSolaris build 27 and includes the new 128 bit ZFS filesystem.
Some insecure inetd services like ftp, telnet had been enabled in the earlier release. These have been disabled now.
Included a very minimal package file registry in /pkgs to support an ISO remastering tool.
A missing driver in earlier releases caused Creative SB audio cards to Not work. This has been fixed.
Included the ae driver from Masayuki Murayama and available from the SchilliX (OpenSolaris distro) page so the network now works in Vmware.
Fixed a few bugs in the Zone creation support script.

Other new software included in this release:

Included various Wireless drivers and the wificonfig tool available from the laptop community download page. See the laptop community page for more details.
Included the Cardbus driver available from the laptop community page.

Included a Network configuration GUI called inetmenu available from the laptop community page. Go to Xfce Panel -> Network Setup or execute inetmenu from a terminal window.
Netpbm 10.30, Midnight Commander 4.6.1
Xscreensaver 4.23, GDB 6.4, Gprof
Upgraded Juergen Keil's audio drivers to version 1.9 Beta
Upgraded Xfce to 4.2.3
Dialog 1.0-20051207
Included the SVR4 packaging tools released via the OpenSolaris tools community. This will allow one to install more packages in BeleniX once it is installed to harddisk.
Included the Devpro Make and SCCS tools from the OpenSolaris tools community.
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visit for more detals and information Download: belenix04.iso (618MB, MD5).

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