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Linux Distribution: BearOps
Url: http://www.bearops.com

The BearOps® Linux team has four exciting products available for purchase in our secure e-store or for order by telephone or mail. Simply go to the BearOps Store to purchase or order your BearOps® Linux product.

About BearOps
We now have version 3 of our BearOps® Linux Desktop OS available. It comes packed with well over 500 software packages, including 2 office suites (Star Office 5.2 and kOffice), 3 web browsers (Netscape 6.2, Mozilla 0.98 and Konqueror), and tons of utilities, tools, games, applications and other useful desktop software.

The BearOps® Linux Desktop OS is geared specifically toward new Linux users. As such, the product includes an advanced graphical installation that auto-detects a myriad of PC hardware and allows for automatic partitioning. Users need no prior Linux experience to install and use this product! It can be installed as a stand alone operating system, or as a dual boot system with Windows®. The BearOps® Linux Desktop OS includes StarOffice 5.2, Netscape 4.77, Real Player 8 Basic, Adobe Acrobat Reader, KDE 2.11 (including the Konqueror web browser and the kOffice suite), and over 400 other pre-configured and tested applications. BearOps® Linux has also included custom KDE windows for quickly modifying screen resolution, a graphical Windows®-like control panel, and logical letter drive labeling for those new to Linux.

The BearOps® Linux Server Package is a Debian-based release using the 2.4.12 kernel, the Gnome 1.4 desktop, and includes graphical user interface (GUI) management tools, such as a centralized control panel for easy management. The product features auto hardware detection for most devices. This unique product will allow the user to locate, install, or remove packages, and obtain software updates online including various security updates. The BearOps® Linux Server Package uses selected benefits and advantages from Progeny and Debian distributions, and is fully compatible with the rigorous and highly efficient Debian package management system, permitting users to obtain packages from any of the Debian mirrors.

The BearOps® Linux team has once again included the ReiserFS high performance file system in its BearOps® Linux Server Package. ReiserFS has journaling support for enterprise data storage and retrieval. This will minimize down time from unexpected power failures. ReiserFS maintains a journal of all file system transactions which adds to the integrity of the system. In addition, the BearOps® Linux Server Package features the following servers: Apache, MySQL, NFS, NIS, Samba, Twisted Matrix, Nessus Security, Webmail, Postfix, Qpopper, and Cistron Radius.

The BearOps® Handheld Linx for Linux is an application package for owners of PalmOS, Handspring or Texas Instrument PDA's. It has been tested on the BearOps® Linux Desktop OS, on Mandrake 8.0, on Red Hat 7.1, and on SuSe 7.1. This unique product allows users to hot-sync or backup their handheld units, such as their Palm Pilot or Handspring Visor, to their Linux operating system. The product suite comes with 3 different hotsync programs: jpilot, kpilot and gpilot. It also includes full user manual support, and includes 100 freeware and shareware games, applications, and utilities for use on PalmOS devices. As a bonus, the package includes the Texas Instrument Linking Program, which allows students to hotsync or backup their TI83 and above scientific and graphing calculators to their Linux operating systems.

The next release in the BearOps® Linux family will be the BearOps® Linux Firewall for Broadband, designed so that a user can take an older PI or AMD-K6 and up computer and establish a firewall between their network and the Internet. The product is slated for release later on in December 2001.

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