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Linux Distribution: Bayanihan
Url: http://www.bayanihan.gov.ph/

The Bayanihan project was initiated by the Open Source Group in Advanced Science and Technology Institute last October 2001.

About Bayanihan
This was the first initiative of the group in Open Source Technology. Its goal was to provide the best alternative desktop solution to Filipinos. In details, it aims to provide a better hardware support, operation simplicity, speed, efficiency, stability and Windows portability.

The first version of Bayanihan Linux was released last June 13, 2002. It was followed by the second version released last January 31, 2003.

Last October 31, 2003 we were able to release the first Beta version of Bayanihan Linux3. The second Beta release followed last December 23, 2003.

By the year of 2004, Beta 3 was released on January 15 and the Release Candidate was ready for download by February 2.

After three BETA version and a release candidate, the final version of Bayanihan Linux 3 was finally launched last February 24, 2004 during the TechBlitz celebration of Advanced Science and Technology Institute.

Bayanihan Linux 3 features the following:

KDE based environment
Kernel 2.4.24
Primary Browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Konqueror
Evolution Email
Windows interoprability thru WINE, NTFS Support and Samba
Fresh new look
Support from the forum, email, phone and text
CD and MP3 support thru XMMS
DVD, VCD, AVI, etc. support thru MPlayer
Java support
OpenOffice 1.1 Suite and Project Management Software
Educational Packages
Image editing tools
CD/DVD burning software (K3B)

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