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Linux Distribution: Basilisk
Url: http://www.linux4all.de/livecd/basilisk/

This is a fedora core 3 based Livecd with KDE 3.3.1, Gnome 2.8, OpenOffice, Fire- and Thunderbird and a lot of other tools.

About Basilisk
- Much more reliable detection of ddc capable monitors, better xorg.conf generation, still no vesa fallback.
- Bootup Speed was improved : now ~1-3Min of which hardwaredetection takes most time.
- Gnome 2.8 now reliable working
- Kde 3.3.1 : User Sessions are auto-saved to / -restored from usb storage (/dev/sda1).
- Fancier menues in KDE
- includes fedora core 3 network install kernel / images
- a lot more :)

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