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Linux Distribution: BU Linux
Url: http://linux.bu.edu/

Boston University Linux (or BU Linux for short) is a Fedora-based distribution specifically tailored for the Boston University environments. Among the more interesting enhancements are network installation, Kerberos authentication, tight default security,

About BU Linux
In honor of last night's thundershowers, the Office of Information Technology presents BU Linux 4.6 (Stormy). Pre-made installation CDs are available for $5 from the Office of Information Technology at 111 Cummington Street, or check out the installation page for instructions on burning your own.

This is the latest in our desktop operating system releases, and features almost 3000 open source and free software packages drawn from the Fedora Project and from many other sources, combined with locally developed custom software and pre-configurations. We've worked hard to make BU Linux the best choice of Linux distributions for the Boston University community.

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