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Linux Distribution: BEERnix
Url: http://beernix.berlios.de/

This is a really basic page abot BEERnix. BEERnix is current;y still in it very early stages and is not really polished, same goes for this web site. If you or anyone you know who like to help design a web page/site.

About BEERnix
BEERnix is a Linux distribution. It is a dirivitive of Knoppix. It runs straigth off of a cd, but is also installable to a harddrive. IT IS CUURENTLY BETA, meaning it isn't perfect in anyway. There are thing i still wish to remove and add, and all sorts of other fun stuff.
Because I like Beer. In fact, i can promise almost all work done on BEERnix was done with a beer in hand. Plus a long time ago when I first saw linux (debian in this case) the kernel boot image had the penguin with a beer in hand, i loved it. Plus, as the logo says, "You don't buy beer, you rent it" BEERnix is free (you don't buy it) and it runs off a cd (your computer rents it) ...yeah..so..its BEERnix :)

Features of BEERnix:
Runs off of a cd!
Only about 400MB download!
Unlike other mini-spawns of KNOPPIX, this has a full fledged Linux Kernel and XFree86 Enviroment!
Fluxbox as a window manager for speed on the slowest computers!

Abiword for word procesing (can read and write many formats including MS Word!)
XMMS for all of your audio needs!
Mplayer, with tons of codecs installed for maximum video!
Mozilla-Firebird and Thunderbird, for fast web browsing and e-mail!
Nmap-frontend, eathereal, ettercap and various other netowrk/auditing tools!
a full development enviroment!(gcc, g++ perl, python, etc)

and its current!

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