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Linux Distribution: Asianux
Url: http://www.asianux.com/

Asianux is a Linux server operating system which is co-developed by Chinese Leading Linux vendor Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. and Japanese Linux vendor Miracle Linux Corporation and Korean Linux software vendor Haansoft, INC.

About Asianux
Asianux certification partner program will invite more hardware and software products to be certified on Asianux, and it will definitely help to reduce developing and certificating resources and provide Linux with high quality and low cost.

Red Flag Software, Miracle Linux, and Haansoft INC. will distribute and market Asianux without any modifications in each Linux distribution package in China, Japan and Korea. New products such as Red Flag 5 Family , Miracle Linux V4.0 and Haansoft Linux 2005 will be based on Asianux and each will be bundled with localized features in each country.

Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2000. It focuses on the development and marketing of Linux operating systems and application software on multiple platforms for the constantly growing base of Chinese technology users. Red Flag's Linux solutions include the Red Flag Linux Desktop, low-to-high end Red Flag Linux Server, Red Flag Embedded Linux OS, Security Server plus industry solutions based on the Red Flag platform. Red Flag is the leader in offering a combination of free software and unparalleled technical expertise among Chinese users.

Open for business since June 1, 2000 as a dedicated provider of Linux server OS-related products and services, Miracle Linux carries out a variety of projects, focusing on the development and sale of the Linux OS, sale of Linux versions of Oracle software products and provision of Linux-related support services including consulting, education and maintenance.

Haansoft Inc. has always been an innovative leader in leading the way for Korea's software industry since it's inception in 1990. Haansoft Inc.has paved the way for others to follow and served as the definitive model of a sucessful and visionary software developer in Korea.
Haansoft hopes to expand the software market and to help it become freely and not solely dependent on Windows. Such creation of a new market is possible by the development of Linux applications. Haansoft provides not only linux OS but useful applications to make linux closer to you.

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