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Linux Distribution: Arabian
Url: http://en.arabian-linux.org/wiki

Arabian Linux 0.7 Alpha1 released. Based on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) packages; default file system set to ext3; GRUB is the default bootloader; some options of installer were disabled (not tested yet in the new base); auto detection of Linux distrib

About Arabian
Arabian Linux also known as arl is a bootable CD with a compilation of GNU/Linux software, full support for Arabic/English languages and automatic hardware detection. It's the first arabic live-distro using KDE as the default GUI, the first to have the arabic language enabled in consoles, pre-compiled ready-for-use softmodem drivers and the first to have its own control panel system in both languages (arabic/english). Arabian is recommended for beginners (using arabic language or not).

It's downloadable from this website as an ISO image. It's not necessary to install anything on a harddisk but you still can install it on your harddisk and run Arabian directly from your box.

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