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Linux Distribution: Annvix 1.2
Url: http://annvix.org/

Annvix 1.2 A new version of Annvix, a security-enhanced, server-oriented distribution based on Mandriva Linux, has been released:

About Annvix 1.2
Annvix 1.2-RELEASE (Cerberus) is now available! Today marks the third public release of the Annvix Linux distribution. This release is primarily a maintenance release over 1.1-RELEASE and marks the last of the 1.x-RELEASE series.
The 1.1-RELEASE was made available almost four months ago, so this release is quite quick and we consider it the best version of Annvix to date. Most of the changes since 1.1-RELEASE were made to the development process; however it includes some updated software and security fixes. It is recommended that everyone using 1.1-RELEASE upgrade soon as it is no longer supported.
Some of the features you can find in 1.2-RELEASE include:
-2.4.32 kernel with the Openwall Linux kernel patch and RSBAC ( support
- updated services including openssh 4.3p2, runit 1.3.3, PostgreSQL 8.0.7, PHP 4.4.2, and Apache 2.0.55
- more enhancements to srv including an interface for modifying global environment settings
- replacement of sysklogd with socklog as the default system logger (although sysklogd is still available)
- replacement of tripwire with AIDE as the default integrity checker (tripwire is no longer available)
The goal of Annvix is to provide a secure server-oriented Linux operating system. The next version of Annvix is many months down the road with a lot of ideas for enhancements including support for the Linux 2.6 kernel, among other enhancements and upgrades.
Work on 2.0-CURRENT will begin shortly and we aim to have it available late fall of this year.
Version 1.2-RELEASE can be downloaded from the mirror sites listed at:
Read the full release notes for 1.2-RELEASE as well, especially if you are upgrading from 1.1-RELEASE:
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Visit for more information. Download the "netinstall" ISO images from here: annvix-netinstall-i586-1.2-RELEASE.iso (181MB) or annvix-netinstall-x86_64-1.2-RELEASE.iso (187MB).

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