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Linux Distribution: AGNULA
Url: http://www.agnula.org/

AGNULA (acronym for Ā«A GNU/Linux Audio distributionĀ», pronounced with a strong g) is the name of a project funded by the European Commission (number of contract: IST-2001-34879; key action IV.3.3, Free Software: towards the critical mass).


After the end of the funded period, AGNULA is continuing as a volunteer based
project, aiming to spread Libre Software in the professional audio/video arena.

AGNULA's main task is the development of two reference distributions for the
GNU/Linux operating system completely based on Free
(i.e. under a FSF
approved Free Software license) and completely devoted to professional and
consumer audio applications and multimedia development. One distribution will be
Debian-based (DeMuDi) and the other will be Red Hat-based (ReHMuDi).

Here you will find info on the whats,
the whys and the whos of
our project.

But we hope it will also become a place for you, Libre Software users and
developers in the audio/video arena, to share your thoughts, works, initiatives.
We have re-designed our web-site using Plone,
a "portal development kit", which easily allows cooperative web

If you want to join our effort in making Libre Software be a viable
alternative for musicians, composers, VJs, please join
our portal, or drop us a mail on our users
mailing list. When it comes down to Libre Software and audio/video, we are
always keen to hosting projects, ideas, writings and whatever you have in mind.

If you are a Libre Software developer (or want to become one) and have an
exciting new audio/video project in the works, or if you want to join our
development effort, feel free to create
an account
on our GForge

We hope you have a good time visiting this web site, and hope to see you soon
on our mailing
and on our development

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