JavaScript for beginners

The article focuses on How to learn JavaScript for beginners. Here you will learn what is JavaScript, Benefit of JavaScript and creating your first JavaScript Program. The first JavaScript program displays a message to users saying "Welcome to the JavaScript World!".

JavaScript for beginners

JavaScript is the one of the most useful languages in this era as it plays crucial role for every developer and assist them. In this tutorial, you will learn about the beginning of the JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

In fact, JavaScript is scripting languages, which enables you to add the real programming to your WebPages for your purposes. Netscape had developed the JavaScript in 1995 and he mentioned it as a method for validating forms and providing interactive content to web site.

Benefit of JavaScript

It is an easy to use programming languages which can be embedded inside the web pages and it enhances the dynamics and interaction features of the web pages. It provides you various facility including calculations, write interactive games and other special steps can be perform easily.

The JavaScript make you able to familiar with simple powerful and popular programming languages that is to build into web browser. The knowledge of basic HTML is needed for a web designer who is willing to know about the JavaScript.

Needless to say, JavaScript is not only limited to interactive in the web pages as per requirement but it can be use also for server side programming by using a framework.

Creating simple first JavaScript program

In the first lesson we will create very simple JavaScript program and run in the Internet Explorer. This example simply displays "Welcome to JavaScript World!" message in the browser.

Here is the code of JavaScript program

<title>First Java Script</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
function sayhello(){
alert("Welcome to JavaScript World!");

<p><b>Click the following link to run your first java script example</b></p>
<p><a href="javascript:sayhello()">Run JavaScript First Program</a></p>