What are the prerequisites for learning Java?

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What are the prerequisites for learning Java?

This tutorial is for beginners in programming who wants to learn Java. In this tutorial you get to know the prerequisites for learning Java.

This tutorial is for beginners in programming who wants to learn Java. In this tutorial you get to know the prerequisites for learning Java.

Learning Java: What are the prerequisites for learning Java?

In this article we will see the pre-requisites for learning the Java programming language and also see the steps for getting started with the Java programming language. Learning Java is time consuming task for new comers in programming. But if have prior knowledge of C or C++ then you can learn Java fast. Java is fully object oriented programming just like C++, but Java made programming much simpler by easy syntax and automatic garbage collection. Java is also platform independent programming language which makes is portable across platform. Developers are using Java at very large scale for developing enterprise applications.

In this article you will learn about the necessary prerequisites for getting started with Java and learning all the concepts of Java programming language. Here are the prerequisites for learning Java.

Pre-requisites for learning Java

  • You should have prior knowledge of using the computers and basics concepts in software.
  • You should know the basics of computer, programming and software.
  • You should have fair of working of the software.
  • If you have some experience in programming in C or C++ then you can easily learn Java programming language
  • Most of the computer engineering students have prior knowledge of C and C++. So, they can learn Java quickly.
  • Even if you don't have C or C++ experience you can start learning Java, but here extra thing is to learn the basics of programming and how program works.  You may check What is software programming?, How to make a career in Software development?  and  Software Programming.
  • If you have experience in any of the Object Oriented Programming language you can directly start learning Java.
  • Even PHP, Python, JavaScript and Node.js developers can learn Java Programming Language.
  • Finally you should have strong will to learn and master Java programming language. Learning Java is takes a lots of time and efforts. So, you have to be hard working and dedicated towards learning Java Programming language.

What are the prerequisites for learning Java?

In a nutshell you must have knowledge of computer and the basics of programming. If you don't have computer knowledge then first learn how to use computer, use the terminal and shell of computer. Usually almost all the people have these skills. So, after learning the computer skills you should learn about the working of software, what is a software, how software works and then learn what is programming language etc.. After learning all these you will be position of staring with the Java programming language on our website we have 1000s of tutorials of Java programming language which will help you in learning it step by step.

If you are from the computer science filed and you know the basics of C++ or any other Object Oriented Programming language then learning Java will be much easier for you. Check our section Java Programming tutorials to get started with Java.

What to do if I don't have any prior programming experience?

This is the first question that will come into your mind if you don't have any programming experience in want to learn Java for making career in software development field. If you don't have any programming experience then it will take a little time (4-5 days) to understand the basics of software programming. After understanding the way computer program works and the methodology of developing software applications, you can start learning Java from scratch. You can also join training course in your area or join our Java online training course for learning Java fast and with ease.

How to should I start learning Java?

Once you decided to learn Java then the next question is to how to go about learning Java? To learn Java you should start from beginning. The first step is to find out why we should learn Java and what can be done with the Java programming language? Check the following pages to learn in detail:

How to start learning Java?

Next you have to install and configure JDK on your operating system. Windows operating system is easy for getting started. After installing and configuring Java Development kit you should learn the steps to write, compile and then test your first Java program. So, the first step is to prepare your system and run first Java Application (usually its Java Hello World example). Here are the steps for getting started with Java:

The next step is to learn important concepts of Java quickly and you can learn these important concepts of Java with the help of tutorials given in following sections:

You can find complete Java tutorials in the following sections of our website:

Here are the terms of Java which every developer should learn:


You must also learn data types, operators, Control Statements and OOPs concepts of Java Programming language.

After leaning to  make simple programs with the use of various Java data types, operators and control statements, you should start learning OOPS concepts of Java Programming language. The OOPs concepts are heart of Java programming language and every Java developer must learn these concepts very well.

You should learn following OOPs principals of Java programming language:

  • Encapsulation - The Encapsulation is used to hide the data from behaviour of the class.
  • Polymorphism - The Polymorphism allows the objects in Java to take many forms.
  • Inheritance - The Inheritance is a mechanism in Java where child class can acquire the properties of its parent classes.
  • Abstraction - Abstraction is feature in Java which allows exposing only the essential features of the object.

These are the tutorials for learning OOPs concepts in Java: