What is nested class in Java with Example?

In this we are explaining you nested class in Java with Example. You will learn What is nested class in Java with Example?

What is nested class in Java with Examples and explanations?

In Java programming language Nested class is an important feature. You can use this feature to develop complex class hierarchy to solve a particular problem. In this section we are giving many example so nested classes in Java.

In Java a class within a class is called nested class. For example:

public class MyClass{

     class NestedClass {



So, above is an example of Nested class in Java.

The main benefits of Nested classes in Java is to grouping of classes belonging to a particular functionality. This simplifies the tasks and helps to programmer to club the classes which should be used together.

Following are the types of nested classes in Java:

  • Static nested classes
  • Non-static nested classes
  • Local classes
  • Anonymous classes

Here are examples of Nested classes in Java:

  1. Nested classes
  2. Static Nested Classes
  3. Inner Nested Classes
  4. Member Classes
  5. Local classes 
  6. Anonymous Classes

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