Top 10 Java Applications

Java is the wonder programming language that is widely used for most of the modern day computing jobs, from designing websites to game applications to preparing interactive video to any other application jobs. Here are our picks on top 10 Java applications.

Java is the wonder programming language that is widely used for most of the modern day computing jobs, from designing websites to game applications to preparing interactive video to any other application jobs. Without java applications we just cannot think of any sleazy, smart computer applications that day in day out serve multiple audio visual and interactive purposes over the internet space. There are great array of top java applications that are popular among the developers and web designers and there are applications that work as utility services on our devices or there are applications that can work as a superb application developer right on your existing mobile platform. Here are our picks on top 10 Java applications.

  1. Nimbuzz Messenger
  2. Nimbuzz is the smartest candidate among the dedicated Java applications for instant massaging or chat purpose on multiple domains. Like many similar applications on its category it provides single window chat facility on multiple chat domains like Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, ICQ and many more. Nimbuzz is smarter because it lets the user create his or her own chat buddy using Nimbuzz API, drive users to your site and hugely popular with coverage of 200+ countries and 100 million users. Nimbuzz is free and supports all major platforms including iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, Mac, J2ME, PC and Web.

  3. NewsHunt
  4. It is practically a newspaper vendor on your mobile screen offering all sorts of news publications for free of cost. From regional local news publications to international ones, from local daily in the local language to the international language dailies, the news is served from all categories, languages and publications as per your choice. With more than 85 publications and multiple language options this is the most complete local language application.

  5. EQO
  6. Among the loads of Java applications for different array of utilities on your handheld devices and phones EQO is truly a wonder with cheapest international calls, cheap text messages and access to all instant messenger services and chat rooms for real time chat. This free application let you make international calls at a rate which is as low as 2.3 cents per minute. It supports all chat and massage services like Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM and many more. On top of that the application is remarkably simple for any user and is free.

  7. Java Call Recorder
  8. Call recording can sometimes be needed for handling security issues and unsolicited calls from unknown and fishy sources, but all phones do not support a good call recording option even though they are smarter enough to offer all multimedia play options, chatting and internet. This dedicated Java application for call recording can be a handy choice for the particular need. Phones that do not have in built call recorder can have one with this easy to use application. The application is free and just after the installation all you have to do is to access the menu and click on the 'record' option as and when you would be requiring to record calls.

  9. E Buddy Messenger
  10. Some Java applications are hugely popular these days thanks to widespread use of mobile computing and mobile devices. This smooth chat application let you chat on different chatting platforms or domains without requiring you to log in separately with every one of them. Message chat and photo uploading right from your phone on different popular chat domains including MSN, Google Talk, Facebook, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, Yahoo and many more just with the same application window.

  11. Komik Reader
  12. Though this hugely popular Java application was specifically built for Android phones and tablets, this is irreplaceable from a list of top 10 Java applications simply due to its merit for providing a dedicated comic book reading application for the first time. Some of the key features that make this application a fun among its adherents and recipients include, CBZ, CBR and other image directory support, smooth bookmarking on continuous basis, zoom in feature for better readability, comic collection browser support and many more. It's a java powered fun destination for the comic enthusiasts on their Android devices.

  13. jQuery
  14. This open source JavaScript library is a must pick choice in relation to naming a few application for the web designers or programmers. jQuery is a JavaScript library that was long championed among the web designers and developers for its simplified client side scripting support. But jQuery is more than just smart JavaScript library with array of features like Ajax application tools, event management, animation creating, creating additional plugins, DOM element selection, etc. Already being the most popular Java tool in US and being integrated as part of standard Microsoft and Nokia specifications, you can hardly ignore this formidable Java candidate.

  15. JavaFX Script
  16. This compiled java based scripting language application can let you create user friendly interfaces like Adobe Flash. The java application is in a developing mode and a lot of new developments are about to come in near future. For instance, graphical designer tool which is in the process of being developed can make the application function like Adobe Illustrator plugin. Key Frame Animation just been added with this Java application very recently.

  17. ThinkFree
  18. You cannot name a lot of java applications that provides such a wide range of compatibility with the stalwart operating programs like Microsoft. Yes, with word processing, spread sheet and presentation application all put together this great Java tool is really an all round gem. Just in the fashion of Microsoft you can create, edit and update your documents smoothly on any device.

  19. Opera Mini

This smart java application is really a hot favorite for the mobile internet users since it is known to make more rooms and make page speed faster by compressing the unwanted graphics of the web page. Still there are so many websites that are not mobile ready to support all types of handheld devices in the same way and for them this beautiful little java tool can really be smooth like honey with the capability of reformatting the HTML content as per the viewable requirement of the device. When using internet is about speed and maneuverability on different devices this one really deserves to be named among the top 10 Java applications.

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Top 10 Java Applications

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