JavaScript Array get key

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JavaScript Array get key


In this Tutorial we want to describe you a code that help you in understanding JavaScript Array get key. For this we implement JavaScript as Scripting language. We have taken an array that creates and initializes an associative array including different three elements. The elements in this array  are addressed using the key strings("R", "I", and "N") instead of an array element number (0, 1, or 2). In the example given below ,array["R"] returns you "ROSE". This provides you to create and use arrays with more different addresses schemas.. The given below code uses for loop to iterate this array..


  <h1>JavaScript Array get key</h1>  
  <title>JavaScript Array get key</title>
  <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
  array = {"R" "ROSE""I" "INDIA",".N":".NET" };
  for (key in array)
  document.write("For the Element " "<b>"+array[key]+"</b>" 
  " Key value is  " +"<b>"+key+"</b>"+"<br>");  

Output of the program

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