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Java: Programming: Kingdom - Solution  
This page discusses - Java: Programming: Kingdom - Solution.

Programming: Hammurabi I  
Your program will simulate the functioning of an early agricultural society. It is based on the ancient computer game Hammurabi, named after a Babylonian king (See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammurabi) famous for his laws. He also ran a very authoritarian soci.

Programming: Hammurabi II - Two Player Version  
Extend the basic Hammurabi project.

Programming: Kingdom - Name  
The Kingdom class should be extended to know its name..

Programming: Kingdom - Buy Land  
To the Kingdom class (see Kingdom), add a method called buyLand..

Programming: Hammurabi I - Project start  
The Hammurabi I program may require a number of things that you are not entirely familiar with..

Programming: Hammurabi I - Solution  
The following two source files are a solution to the Hammurabi I programming problem..

Fill-in Questions: Hammurabi  
Fill in the underlined areas with ONE appropriate keyword..

Fill-in: Hammurabi I  
Fill in the blanks in these programs..