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File IO  
This page discusses - File IO.

Example - Recursive List  
Here is an example of listing files and directories recursively..

Example - FileTest.java  
This program prints many of the File charactistics..

Database Engines  
To use a database system from Java use the JDBC classes..

Formatted Output  
Java 5 implements formatted output with printf()..

System Properties  
From System Properties you can find information about the operating system, the user, and the version of Java..

The function of the java.util.Properties class..

The java.util.pref.Preferences class.

Read page from Web server  
Another way to read from a server.

Keyboard Input  
There are two approaches to getting keyboard input from the user..

Console I/O  
Java was designed for graphical user interfaces (GUI) and industrial strength file and Internet I/O..

System Independent Newline Characters  
There are three different major systems for indicating the end of a line (new line): One for Unix, one for the Macintosh, and one for DOS/Windows..

Example - Read into textarea  
This example program reads from a file into a textarea..

Example - Read Words  
The program below reads a text file and lists the words alphabetically..

Example - NanoEdit  
This program is the simplest text editor you can imagine..

The lists of files or file names returned by the File listFiles() and list() methods include all files and directories..

To create a custom file filter to show only specific files in a file chooser dialog, subclass javax.swing.filechooser.FileFilter and use this with the chooser..

File Filters  
There are two common uses of file filters, which restrict the choice of files..

java.io.BufferedReader and java.io.BufferedWriter are used to read/write Strings from/to text files..

File I/O - Text Files  
Java can read several types of information from files: binary.

java.io.File is the central class in working with files and directories..