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Java: Example - Count occurences  
Problem: Count the number of times one string is found in another..

Java: Example - String sort  
Java: Example - String sort.

Java: Example - Palindrome test  
Java: Example - Palindrome test.

Java: Example - Change Extension  
Problem: Change the extension of a file name.

Java: Example - Count vowels  
This example method counts all vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in a string..

Java: Example - Words to array  
Java: Example - Words to array.

Example - Replace word  
Write a method to replaces all occurences a word in a string with another word..

Example - Display Extension  
This program reads in a file name and displays the extension (that last part of the name after the final dot)..

Example - Array to String  
Program to concatenate all of the strings in an array, each separated by a specifed string separater..

Example - SortWords3.java  
This program takes a string in one text field..