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Java: Regex Exercises 1  
This page discusses - Java: Regex Exercises 1.

Regex Language Intro  
These fundamental regex elements apply to all implemenations, and will solve most or your regex needs..

Regex Examples  
Finding the domain name in HTML links..

Regex Exercises 2  
Regular expressions do not have to be written as Java strings (eg, no Java string escape for the '\')..

Pattern and Matcher  
java.util.regex.Pattern precompiles regular expressions so they can be executed more efficiently. It also has a few utility functions..

Regular expression summary  
This text is taken directly from the Java API documentation.

Basic Regular expression summary  
Characters that otherwise have special regexp meanings.

Regex Literal Characters  
Most characters can simply be written directly in a regular expression because they're easy to write in a Java string and they have not special meaning to the regular expression engine..

String Regex Methods  
In addition the the Pattern and Matcher classes, there is some support for regular expressions in the String class..

Regular Expressions  
Regular expressions are the most common programming technique to search for patterns in strings, extracting, and replacing substrings..