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Java: Boolean Expression Answers  
This page discusses - Java: Boolean Expression Answers.

Java: Numeric Expression Answers  
This page discusses - Java: Numeric Expression Answers.

Java review  
Typical Java Compilation/Execution Steps.

Bitwise Operators  
Bitwise operators perform logical operations on each bit position..

Operator Precedence  
Precedence determines order of evaluation.

Bitwise Operators  
Java's bitwise operators operate on individual bits of integer (int and long) values..

Extended Assignment Operators  
It can not be used with the logical short-circuit operators && and ||, but you can use the & and | versions..

==, .equals(), and compareTo()  
Comparing Object references with the == and != Operators.

Comparison Operators  
All the standard comparison operators work for primitive values (int, double, char, ...)..

Expressions are the basic way to create values..