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Java Software  
You need sofware to develop your Java programs..

NetBeans IDE  
NetBeans is a free, open-source, IDE which is available at www.netbeans.org. This is a reasonable choice, and liked by many programmers..

JUnit and Test-Driven Development  
One of the big changes in software engineering, and part of the agile methodology shift, is Test Driven Development (TDD)..

Javadoc is a utility that extracts documentation from source files and produces HTML documentation files..

About the Deployment.

Style and Correctness Checkers  
Style and Correctness Checkers in Java..

Ant is the most commonly used "make" facility for Java programs..

TextPad Editor + JDK  
Entering, compiling, and executing your Java program in TextPad.

Java Development Kit (JDK)  
The most popular Java compiler is Sun's Software Development Kit (JDK) (aka the Software Development Kit (SDK)). It's free, and does a good job..

Text Editors  
An common alternative to using an Integrated Development Environment (see IDEs) is to use a text editor, then compile and run the program using Sun's Java Software Development Kit (SDK)..

There are many good, free, IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) that provide substantial advantages over the use of simple text editors for Java program development..

Here are some tips on making programming student problems easier..

Java Notes: Tools  
You need software tools to build Java programs..