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The JTabbedPane container allows many panels..

JPanel - Container  
You will learn the JPanel..

There are several file filtering classes and interfaces in Java..

The javax.swing.JFileChooser class is used to create file choosers for selecting files or directories to open or save..

JOptionPane - Simple Dialogs  
Here are two useful static methods from javax.swing.JOptionPane..

JOptionPane - More Dialogs  
You will learn some more useful static methods from javax.swing.JOptionPane.

The Dialog boxes  
There are several ways to build dialog boxes..

Content Panes  
Using for the content pane.

TheWindow Size and Position  
You can set the size of a window and Position.

JFrame Close Box  
Terminating the program when the close box is clicked.

JFrame - Window  
The javax.swing.JFrame class is used to create a "window"..

Top-level Containers - window, applet, dialog, ....