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Think of a menu as a way to arrange buttons..

JComboBox - Tutorial on JComBoBox  
There are several ways to select one of many fixed choices..

Change Listener  
Add a change listener to the slider so that it will be called when the slider is changed..

A slider (JSlider class) lets the user easily select from a range of integer values..

How to use the checkbox?.

Radio Buttons  
Creates a group of three radio buttons..

Newline Characters  
There are three different major systems for indicating the end of a line..

How the window looks after typing in a long line of text..

A javax.swing.JTextArea is a multi-line text component to display text or allow the user to enter text..

javax.swing.JTextField has two uses..

Buttons with Icons  
You can create buttons that show text, icons (images), or both..

JButton Appearance  
You can change the alignment of the text and icon..

There are a few steps in using a button.

JLabel text alignment  
What tabs don't work?.

Labels display fixed text or images on a GUI as information to the user..

JLabel for output  
Why using JLabel for output?.

JLabel font and color  
The most user-friendly interfaces.

Labels display fixed text or images on a GUI as information to the user..

Java: Text  
you know about the user interface text components..

This is a standard button which can have text, icon, or both..

Declare components  
Where to declare components.

Introduction to Components  
In this section you will learn to use Swing components..

The most important components to learn for simple programs are: JLabel, JButton, and JTextField. Learn these first..