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Java: JPanel - Example  
This page discusses - Java: JPanel - Example.

Images - ImageIcon  
This simple approach loads the image "synchronously", meaning that whenever you request an image to be loaded, the program waits until the image loading is finished..

Antialiased versus Aliased Graphics.

The javax.swing.Graphics2D class of Java 2 supports many more graphics operations than the Graphics class..

JPanel - Drawing Area 2  
To initialize the panel -- Constructor.

JPanel - Drawing Area  
Define a new class that extends JPanel and define a paintComponent method in it..

Images - BufferedImage  
You can create a new BufferedImage using either the characteristics of an existing component ..

Use the addPoint(int xcoord, int ycoord) method to add one point to the polygon..

Predefines a few color constants.

Who calls paintComponent  
you subclass JPanel to draw graphics, override the paintComponent() method..

Graphics class  
The Graphics class contains drawing methods..

Screen Coordinates  
You known the Screen Coordinates.

It is easy to use, and can be used with the Color class to set the drawing color and Font class to set the font for drawing text..