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Java: Example - Simple Calculator  
This page discusses - Java: Example - Simple Calculator.

Java: Example - ToUppercase  
Java: Example - ToUppercase.

Java: Example - Sleepy Source  
This program combines components (eg, buttons) and drawing. The Sleeper panel is used for graphics..

A program which converts feet and inches to centimeters.  
Write a program which converts feet and inches to centimeters..

Inches To Cm  
The following program converts feet and inches to centimeters..

Simple Editor  
This simple text editor uses a JTextArea with Actions to implement the menu items..

Combine Name  
The following program has two text fields, one for a first name and one for a last name. When the button is pressed, it formats them in the result field in the standard last name comma first name style..

Example - Calc Extensions  
The calculator example program uses integers..

Example - Calc GUI  
This is the source for the graphical user interface of a simple calculator..

Example - Simple Calculator  
Here is the source for the simple calculator shown..

Body Mass Index (BMI)  
The Body Mass Index program is divided into two files, the main program is in one file, and the GUI and logic are in another..