5 Reasons Java is Still a Great Language to Boost Your Career Prospect as a Programmer

In this article we have explained the career prospect of Java programming language.


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5 Reasons Java is Still a Great Language to Boost Your Career Prospect as a Programmer

It is more than two decades that Java as a programming language is existing and continuing to remain as irreplaceable for mission critical programming tasks as well as everyday needs of programming. Having been around for so long and engaging millions of developers all over the world it is one of the most mature programming languages so far. Java is free, open source, versatile and multifaceted to accommodate an array of programming needs for diverse outputs. If you are a developer you probably are aware of all these. You do not have any doubt about the potential of Java to offer you a sound programming career.

But it is understandable that in the recent past we have seen the advent of numerous new programming languages that made to the scene a little competitive. In such a scenario you can be confused about the prospect of Java as a programming language. Can Java still fetch the best programming jobs for you? Is Java going to be stable for the time to come to ensure a steady career as a programmer? If all these questions add to your confusion the current post can help you to understand the career potential of Java as a programming language.

1. Java has become a de facto standard for programming

Having been around for 22 years and actively running on more than 3 billion devices all over the globe Java is often dubbed as the most popular programming language ever. With such maturity and real world applications of all kinds Java has become almost the de-defect standard of programming. With such a huge global presence, the career prospect of learning Java still seems most obvious.

2. Unmatched resources

When venturing to learn a new programming language to step in your career as a programmer you need to go through few considerations. Obviously you need to consider the learning curve and the available resources that can help you learn the language faster and master the skills to grow as a developer. In this respect Java offers the widest range of resources for different levels of learning and development of skills. Over the web only you can find literally inexhaustible amount of resources for every specific problem and challenges in Java programming.

3. Java is the ideal stepping stone to begin your programming career

The biggest draw for Java is that it is actually a precursor to many other programming languages C++, C#, Objective-C et cetera. That means by learning Java you actually become more equipped to learn other programming languages. With Java you can start thinking like a programmer. When you can master the skills of Java are you can actually master other programming languages as well.

4. Bundled with powerful development tools

Java as a programming language offers a reach pack of powerful IDEs for different applications in the real world. From helping you to write your code is really to debugging the apps and testing them, for all different needs you find powerful tools.

5. Unmatched community support

There are more than 10 million Java developers all over the world. No programming language can get the support of such a huge community of developers. The community support of Java is available across many world-famous platforms over the web like like Stackoverflow. With export Java developers always ready to help you solving problems you can be benefited from the robust community support as well.

With so much to offer and with such dominance in the world of programming you cannot think yourself to be at loss as a Java programmer. With the average US salary for a Java programmer listed in January 2017 as $95,864, Java is still the programming language with best career prospects.