Exception handling in Java Programming Examples

Exception handling in Java Programming with many Examples and code explanation.

Exception handling in Java Programming with many Examples

In this section we will explain you about the exception handling in Java and teach you how to write programs to handle exception in Java.

Java programming language comes with rich set of API for creating various applications. Java provides robust system for exception handling and it comes with many pre-build exception classes. In this section we are presenting many examples of exception handling in Java.

What is Exception in Java?

If you are program encounters some event in run time that disturbs the normal execution of the program than it called exception. In Java these things are well handled through the mechanism of Exception handling.

The exception handling in Java program is very important process as it handles the abnormal events that arises during the execution of the program.

For handling the exception try{} catch{} block is used. Here is example of try catch block:


//Some code

}catch(Exception e){

//Code for handling exception


So, this way exception handling works in Java.

We have written many programs to teach you Exception handling in Java. We have also provided you the detailed explanation of these program.

You will learn how to handle standard Java exceptions in your program. You will also learn how to make your own exception classes and then catch in calling program.

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