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Convert Object To String

In this section, you will learn to convert an object to a string.



Convert Object To String


In this section, you will learn to convert an object to a string. Object is a class of java.lang package.

Code Description:

This program helps you in converting an object type data into a string type data. The toString() method returns a string representation of the object. So, we get the an object type data is 10 and this program converts into a string type data as a '10'. 

Here is the code of this program:

import java.lang.*;

public class ObjectToString{
  public static void main(String[] args) {
  Object obj = 10;
  String s = obj.toString();
  System.out.println("String value is: = " + s);

 Download of this program:

Output of this program given below.

C:\corejava>java ObjectToString
String value is:=10


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Convert Object To String

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April 17, 2012

I'v done this with a program recently in hope that I could convert an Object into a String and then compare 2 String type variables in an if statement, but for whatever reason the variable that was originally an Object (but now a String) is not being picked up eg cpuChoice = objectChoice.toString(); if((playerChoice.equalsIgnoreCase("Rock")&&(cpuChoice.equals("Rock"))){ System.out.println("the game is a tie"); } etc etc however if I force cpuChoice to "Rock" then the if statement works perfectly, any ideas?
December 4, 2012
This didn't work for me.

String str=o.toString(); System.out.println(str+" is found at index "+search(arr, o)+".");} My "o" is "hello". The search method will return "2". My output is: [Ljava.lang.String;@19189e1 is found at index 2.