What is AWT in java

This section describes about AWT interfaces, classes and exceptions.

What is AWT in java


In this section, you will learn about the java.awt.*; package available with JDK. AWT stands for Abstract Windowing Toolkit. It contains all classes to write the program that interface between the user and different windowing toolkits. You can use the AWT package to develop user interface objects like buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and menus etc. This package provides following interfaces and classes as follows:

Interfaces and Descriptions of AWT Package:
ActionEvent This interface is used for handling events.
Adjustable This interface takes numeric value to adjust within the bounded range.
Composite This interface defines methods to draw a graphical area. It combines a shape, text, or image etc.
CompositeContext This interface allows the existence of several context simultaneously for a single composite object. It handles the state of the operations.
ItemSelectable This interface is used for maintaining zero or more selection for items from the item list.
KeyEventDispatcher The KeyEventDispatcher implements the current KeyboardFocusManager and it receives KeyEvents before despatching their targets.
KeyEventPostProcessor This interface also implements the current KeyboardFocusManager. The KeyboardFocusManager receives the KeyEvents after that dispatching their targets.
LayoutManager It defines the interface class and it has layout containers.
LayoutManager2 This is the interface extends from the LayoutManager and is subinterface of that. 
MenuContainer This interface has all menu containers.
Paint This interface is used to color pattern. It used for the Graphics2D operations.
PaintContext This interface also used the color pattern. It provides an important color for the Graphics2D operation and uses the ColorModel.
PaintGraphics This interface provides print a graphics context for a page.
Shape This interface used for represent the geometric shapes.
Stroke This interface allows the Graphics2D object and contains the shapes to outline or stylistic representation of outline.
Transparency This interface defines the transparency mode for implementing classes. 

Classes and Descriptions of AWT Package:
AlphaComposite This class implements the basic alpha compositing rules. It combines the source and destination pixels to achieve transparency effects to graphics and images.
AWTEvent This is a supper class of all AWT Events.
AWTEventMulticaster This class implements thread-safe multi-cast event and it is despatching for the AWT event. The AWT events defined in the java.awt.event package.
AWTKeyStroke This class used to key action on the keyboard or equivalent input devices. 
AWTPermission This class uses for the AWT permissions.
BasicStroke This class defines the basic set of rendering attributes for using outlines of graphics.
BorderLayout This class uses to arranging the components. It has five components such as: east, west, north, south and the center.
BufferCapabilities This class has properties of buffers.
BufferCapabilities.FlipContents This class has a type-safe enumeration of buffer. It contains after page-flipping.
Button This class used to create a label button
Convas It represents the blank rectanglular area on screen. It can draw or trap input events from the user.
CardLayout It is a layout manager for a comtainer. 
Chaeckbox It is a graphical component. It has two states. True state that means "on" or false sate that means "off".
CheckboxGroup This class to be used together multiple checkbox buttons. 
CheckboxMenuItem This class represents the checkbox and also include the menu.
Choice This class represents pop-up menu to user's choice.
Color This class has colors. The default color is RGB color. Color library specify the all color, it identified  by ColorSpace.
Component This is a graphical representation to interacted by user. It displays on the screen. 
ComponentOritentation This class encapsulates the language-sensitive orientation. It also used the order the element of component or text..
Container A generic AWT container object has other AWT components.
ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy It determines the traversal order based on the order of child components in a container.
Cursor This class represents the bitmap representation of the mouse cursor.
DefultFocusTraversalPolicy This class determines the traversal order on the order of child components of container.
DefultKeyboardFocusManager This class used for handle the AWT applecations. 
Dialog This is a top label window. It has title and border. It can be used for taking a some input of users.
Dimension This class describe the height and width of a component in a single object.
DisplayMode This class encapsulates the bit depth, height, width and refresh rate of a GraphicsDevice.
Event This class available only for the backwards compatilibility.
EventQueue It is a platform independent class. It has both classes underlying peer class and trusted application class.
FileDialog This class displays dialog window. Here user can be select the file.
FlowLayout This class arrange the components and flow the left to right. It uses to write lines in a paragraph.
FocusTraversalPolicy This class defines the order in which components traverse particular focus cycle root. 
Font This class defines fonts and it uses render text that is visible. 
FontMetrics This class defines font matrix object.. It encapsulate the information and rendering the paritcular fonts.
Frame This class defines top-level window and it designs the any area of border.
GradientPaint With the help of GradientPaint you fill any shapes.
Graphics This class uses to drawing all types of graphics such as: oval, rectangle etc.
Graphics2D This class controls all geometry, coordinate transformation, color management etc. It extends form the Graphics class.
GraphicsConfigTemplate This class contains a valid GraphicConfiguration. 
GraphicsConfiguration This class describes the characteristics of graphics destination such as printer and monitor.
GraphicsDevice This class describes the graphics devices and it available particular graphics environment.
GraphicsEnvironment This class is a collection of GraphicsDevices object and Font objects. The GraphicsDevices objects are screen, images and printers etc.
GridBagConstraints This class specify the constraint for components by using the GrideBagLayout class.
GridBagLayout This class uses the layout manager and uses the vertically and horizontally components.
GridLayout This class is a layout manager. It has rectangular grid components.
Image This class is a supper class of all graphical images.
ImageCompabilities It has compabilities and properties of images.
Insets This class represents all types of border's container. It includes borders, blank space and titles.
JobAttributes This class control the print job.
JonAttributes.DefaultSelectionType It has default selection states and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
JobAttributes.DestinatinType It possible for the job destinations and extends form the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
JobAttributes.DialogType It displays the user dialog and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
JobAttributes.MultipleDocumentHandlingType This class handles the multiple copy states and extends form the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
JobAttributes.SidesType It uses multi-page impositions and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
KeyboardFocusManager This class manage the current focus owner, active and focused windows
Label It is a component which contains the text in container.
List This component uses by the uses and it choose the list of item.
MediaTracker This class has status of a number of media objects. It is a utility class.
Menu It has pull-down menu components that displayed as like menu bar.
MenuBar This class has the concept of menu bar and it also bounded into a frame.
MenuComponent This is supper class of all menu related components.
MenuItem This is a supper class and it represents the item of menu. 
MenuShortcut This class represents the handling MenuItem through help of keyboard .
PageAttributes It controls the output of the printed page.
PageAttributes.ColorType It handles the color states and extends form the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
PageAttributes.MediaType It handles the paper size and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
PageAttributes.OrientationRequestedType It handles the possible orientations and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
PageAttributes.OriginType It handles the origins and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package. 
PageAttributes.PrintQualityType It handles the print qualities and extends from the java.awt.AttributeValue package.
Panel This is a simplest container class. It includes components and other panels. It extends Container and implements to Accessible.
Point The point represents the location of coordinate (x, y) space. It extends Point2D.
Polygon It has two dimensional region and it bounded by the multiple number of lines.
PopupMenu It extends the Menu and specify the positions of components.
PrintJob This class executes a print job and extends from the Object.
Rectangle A rectangle object has length and width and it also specify an area in a coordinate space. It extends Rectangle2D.
RenderingHints This class contains rendering hints by using the Graphics2D class.
RenderingHints.Key This class used to control the randering and imaging pipelines.
Robot This class used to generate the native system input events and it automatically test the java platform implementations. 
Scrollbar This class provide the user interface components and also include the scroll bar. Which implements the Adjustable interface.
ScrollPane It includes the horizontal and vertical scrolling for a single child components. The horizontal and vertical state represented by the ScrollPaneAdjustable objects.
ScrollPaneAdjustable This class represents the state of horizontal and vertical scrollbar of ScrollPane.
SystemColor This class represents the system's color through the symbolic representation color. The value depends on the actual value of RGB
TextArea It displays multi line text.
TextComponent This is a supper class of any component. It allows to editing the some text.
TextField It has text component and It allows to editing a single line of text.
TexturePaint It provides a way to fill a shape with a texture and specify by the BufferedImage.
Toolkit This is a supper class of all Abstract Windowing Toolkit.
Window It is a top-level window. It has not borders and menubar. It capable for generating the window events like: WindowOpend, WindowClosed.

Exceptions and Descriptions of AWT Package:
AWTException This signal displays when an Abstract Windowing Toolkit exception has occurred.
FontFormatException When the specified font is bad then this exception to be occurred. It thrown by the createFont method in the Font class. 
HeadlessException This exception to be occurs when the codes are not supported by the keyboard, display and Mouse.
IllegalComponentStateException The AWT has not suitable state for the requesting operation then it thrown by the IllegalComponentStateException.
AWTError It thrown when the Abstract Windowing Toolkit error has occurred.

Reference: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/awt/package-summary.html

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What is AWT in java

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