How to use Java?

Java, an Object Oriented Programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a platform independent and open source language.

Java, an Object Oriented Programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a platform independent and open source language that is being used by developers around the world to develop applications and softwares for computers and smartphones.

Java programs work on operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. It is also used in mobile operating system like Symbian, Android, etc. The language is being also used in e-commerce application, network and computing devices.

Java has been based on C and C++ programming language. But the makers of Java wanted to make a language that can be simple but portable to different operating system so that developer and programmer do not face difficulty every time they write code. However syntax of Java is very similar to C so that people having knowledge of C can learn the language easily.

Features like loops, data types, conditions, curly braces, semi-colon etc are used in Java as well.

Java provides a healthy ecosystem and deployment environment, protecting users and programmers from crashes and viruses.

Here is how Java is used:

JSP-Java Server Pages

JSP is used to create dynamic web pages much similar to PHP and ASP. Java Server Pages are based on a code with HTML tags. Here we will introduce to JSP, its architecture, JSP Actions, JSP declaratives, and other JSP examples.

Java Applets

Java Applets are used within a web page to add many new features to a web browser. They are used in the programming of instant messaging, chat service, etc. Here we have given simple example of how you can create your applet program.

J2EE-Java 2 Enterprise Edition

Here we have discussed about Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), which are used by various companies to develop and deploy enterprise grade applications.

Enterprise JavaBeans

EJB - Enterprise Java Beans is an application server that runs on client server to support the quick development of the enterprise applications. Here we have discussed in detail about Application Server, EJB Container, features of EJB 3.0, Annotations, Session Beans, POJO, Java Persistent API, etc.

J2ME (Mobile Java)

With the ever growing market of mobile phones especially smartphones, usage and demand of Java has also increased. JRE is used by Mobile Information Devices Profile (MIDP) for mobile tracking systems, games and other traditional PDA devices. Today, all leading mobile service provider like Nokia, Siemens, Vodafone are using Java technology.