Top 10 Health Applications for iPhone

The health applications for iPhone or for other mobile platforms have become truly diverse to encompass several categories health and fitness, medicine directory and drug reference, patient education, medical calculators, applications used for maintaining healthcare services. Here are picks for top 10 health applications for iPhone.

It is more than two years now that medical or health applications are rolled out for taking care of various health and fitness aspects directly from the mobile device and though health applications are now common across different mobile platforms and devices it was first launched by iPhone through its signature application store. Today health applications for iPhone or for other mobile platforms have become truly diverse to encompass several categories like general health and fitness, medicine directory and drug reference, patient education, medical calculators, applications used for maintaining healthcare services, health education and reference for different medical specialties, etc. Using one of such applications today a doctor can quickly read the drug reference in addressing a critical case or on the way home can get in touch to the patient's medical record to come to a conclusion on medical aspect or a patient or his relatives can quickly see the reference to address a particular set of symptoms. It is true that health applications on the mobile device in a way changed the healthcare service and our overall attitude towards it. Here are picks for top 10 health applications for iPhone.

  1. Web MD
  2. There are not many expert medical websites as popular and as widely recommended as Web MD and this is equally reflected in the great popularity of its application on mobile devices. It is presently one of the most downloaded applications across different categories and one of the toppers in healthcare segment. The application is equipped to provide diverse range of health information just anywhere and anytime without even an internet connection. The application is a complete health guide with features such as symptom checker, pill identifier and guides on health conditions, drugs and treatments.

  3. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker
  4. Nutrition and diet has never been so important an ally of modern healthcare as it is today. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is one of the few health applications for iPhone that provides such in-depth details of so vast range of foodies from around the world. The application is equipped with a database of more than 2,000,000 types of different food items from all over the globe and according to this database and based on your input of what you have eaten it calculates your calorie intake and over the time helps you to take care of weight gain and nutritional aspects.

  5. Family Doctor
  6. Based on a book by British Medical Association on family health advising, this application can really make you feel better and contented with insightful advices and information on different health matters concerning you and your family's health. Besides sections pertaining to children's health and diseases there are other sections on male and female adult health. It is a very easy to use general health advice tool that can really accompany you like your family physician.

  7. Medpage Today
  8. Medpage Today is widely acclaimed medical website with great knowledge reserve on diverse range of health topics pertaining to all sorts of critical and chronic diseases, their diagnosis, symptoms, treatments and new medical research focusing on them. Now the full reserve of the Medpage Today web publications are available through this health application for iPhone providing medical practitioners, staffs, experts and students staying updated on diverse medical topics. The application came out as a joint venture with the famous University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the corresponding anthem in use rightly describes the objective of the application 'Putting Breaking Medical News into Practice'.


  9. MedCalc
  10. MedCalc is an expert user friendly medical calculator for giving you access to all sorts of relevant medical formulas, scores, classifications and scales. It is equipped with more than 300 medical formulas in different specialty areas ranging from cardiology to neurology to ICU, renal, respiratory, pediatrics and many others. MedCalc is an award winning medical application that over the years enjoyed unhindered popularity across different application stores.

  11. ZocDoc
  12. Booking a doctor's appointment sometimes become truly crucial especially in a hectic schedule, but this comprehensive health application for iPhone can really make things easy for you in that respect. It is really a superb application with clear maneuvers. Just provide your zip code, medical insurance information and get a list of doctors to contact and book your appointment. Booking a doctor's appointment has never been as easy as with this application.

  13. Cardiograph
  14. Using iPhone or for that matter other smart phones for medical diagnostic purposes for some time now has become a phenomenon in the healthcare sector and this application is another proof of that. This great yet simple application let you measure your heart rate simply by touching the phone screen with your finger tip. By calculating the arterial changes in your finger tips your heart rate is determined accurately and thereafter it can generate a report of your heart condition. Same application can be used to measure the heart rate of different persons creating different profiles and thereafter can be sent for printing exporting the reports via AirPrint.

  15. Pocket Yoga
  16. Considering health applications for iPhone without introducing an application on yoga really looks crazy! Yes, yoga is continuing to be popular as the most effective and permanent health and wellness solution to combat great array of health disorders that are taking place due to our sedentary modern lifestyle. This simple, easy to maneuver application guide to hundreds of yoga poses comes with voice instruction and options of playing light music as and when you are practicing those poses instructed by the application.

  17. Medscape
  18. Drug reference applications on the smart phones and smart computing devices continue to dominate the demand for healthcare applications, especially for applications that are high in demand among healthcare professionals and expert practitioners. Medscape is one of the most popular health applications for iPhone in the drug reference category with more than 6000 generic, brand and OTC drugs discussed there in detail along with a sophisticated interaction checker for different drugs. Medscape has now detailed disease section with video and clinical photography input to further guide the practitioners on the diagnosis and treatment acumen.

  19. iRadiology

This is typically a health application for iPhone that is made primarily for medical students, radiologists and health care professionals to augment their reading skill of diverse range of radiology cases. With as many as more than 500 different radiology cases ranging from city scan, MRI and plain film iRadiology it is really a great resource for medical practitioners and support stuff for continued medical education and reference in point of medical urgency.

Honorable Mention: Stress Check

Without this surprise application we simply cannot conclude our discussion on top 10 health applications for iPhone simply because it can uniquely measure our stress level by some simple maneuvers and we all know the importance of stress as one of the biggest contributing factor behind a vast array of health disorders. Stress Check unlike many other complicated diagnostic applications is extremely simple and effective as it provides quatified analysis of your stress level simply through the diagnosis of some key information. Stress Check mainly works through measuring the heart rate by the built-in camera of iPhone. Having checked your heart rate you can get details of your stress wherever you are, it's so simple!

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Top 10 Health Applications for iPhone

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