Hibernate ORM 4.3.6.Final released

Hibernate 4.3.6 is the latest build of hibernate 4.3 and which provide support for JPA 2.1


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Hibernate ORM 4.3.6.Final released with bug fixes and performance improvements

Hibernate ORM 4.3.6 Final is the latest release of Hibernate 4.3.x which provides the support for JPA 2.1. This release is mainly bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hibernate is ORM framework 4.3.x supports latest JPA 2.1 and developer developing the application using the latest JPA 2.1 should learn the features, improvements of this release. Hibernate Framework is used for writing the persistence layer of the enterprise applications and it increases the productivity of the developers working on the project. Besides this the application developed in Hibernate is also maintainable as there is little if there is modification in the database structure.

So, get the latest version of Hibernate and learn it.

Bug fixes in the Hibernate 4.3.6.Final

  • Fixed  JNDI DataSource issue
  • Bug fixed which was throwing ClassCastException. The exception was coming while using the  HQL CASE expression containing a parameter in the THEN clause and  rendering a SimpleCase using CriteriaBuilder.selectCase( arg ).
  • Bug fixed which was causing NullPointerException when using the MapJoin.key().
  • Bug fixed which was coming while using the many-to-one or one-to-one association and there was no entity.

There is few more changes in the Hibernate 4.3.6.Final release.

You can use the Hibernate in your web application as well as the console based applications.

How to use Hibernate 4.3.6.Final in project?

If you are using the Maven build tool you can use the following dependency in pom.xml file:


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