Hibernate ORM 4.3.1.Final released

Hibernate 4.3.1 is the first bug fix release of popular Hibernate 4.3. Latest version of Hibernate ORM 4.3.1 comes with the support of JPA 2.1. Hibernate ORM 4.3.1 is final version with many new features and enhancements.


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First bug fix of Hibernate: Hibernate ORM 4.3.1.Final released with JPA

Hibernate ORM 4.3.1 is fully JPA 2.1 complaint and you can use the this version of Hibernate with JEE 7 based applications.

The Hibernate team announced the release of Hibernate 4.3.1.Final release which is JPA 2.1 compliant. This version of Hibernate is the certified implementation of the JPA 2.1 specification. It provides support for Stored procedure, batch updates etc.

Bug fixes in the Hibernate 4.3.1.Final

  • Code has been updated for better performance while making the reflection calls
  • Modification in the code related to @DiscriminatorValue
  • Modification in the logging

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The Hibernate 4.3 was developed to support JPA 2.1 specification. So, much of work is done to implement the JPA 2.1 specification features. Here are the important features of Hibernate 4.3.x:

  • Now support for stored procedure is added
  • Now you can execute the UPDATE and DELETE queries in the type-safe Criteria form with the help of CriteriaUpdate and CriteriaDelete.
  • Dependency injection through CDI.
  • Support for AttributeConverters
  • Entity Graph support added in this version
  • Standardized schema generation
  • Now the support for the Synchronization of persistence contexts through SynchronizationType added in this version of Hibernate
  • The @ConstructorResult support added in result set mappings for the native queries

Other features are:

  • Improvements are down towards support for OSGi
  • More improvements for bytecode enhancement support within Hibernate

How to use Hibernate 4.3.1 in project?

If you are using the Maven build tool you can use the following dependency in pom.xml file:


You can use the Hibernate 4.3.1.Final with your JEE 7 based project as it is fully supporting the JPA 2.1 specification.

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