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Hibernate ORM 4.2.14.Final released

Hibernate 4.2.14 is the latest build of hibernate 4.2 and you can get the latest version form Hibernate framework.

First bug fix of Hibernate: Hibernate ORM 4.2.14.Final released

Hibernate ORM 4.2.14 Final is released with few updates. In this version of the Hibernate 4.2 update there are 4 changes.

Hibernate is ORM framework and every developer must learn it as this is most used framework in Java for writing the database access layer. Hibernate increased the developer productivity.

So, get the latest version of Hibernate and learn it.

Bug fixes in the Hibernate 4.2.14.Final

  • Fix of Test failure (testNaturalIdChangedWhileAttached) on SAP/SYBASE ASE
  • Fix of CastFunctionTest. testFloatCasting and testLongCasting fail on mysql
  • Fix of Error executing batch should abort rest of batch for "cleanliness" sake
  • Fix of Revert HHH-9222 due to bugs in bulk deleting collection elements that use a property-ref

How to use Hibernate 4.2.14 in project?

If you are using the Maven build tool you can use the following dependency in pom.xml file:


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