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DAO Layer explained
DAO Layer explained       In this section we will explain you the DAO Layer of our application.   DAO Layer Explained   DAO stand for Data 

Hibernate Questions

What is the DAO Layer in any application?
explains the DAO layer in applications. Check the tutorial DAO Layer explained...What is the DAO Layer in any application?  Hi, What is the use of the DAO layer in any application and how to develop it. Explain with the example 

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Web application - business layer
Web application - business layer   Design your business layer... with a stateless Web application business layer. If you perform business critical operations in your business layer, design to use transactions 

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Java Data Layer - Framework

Java Beginners

What is the Difference Between Presentation layer/tier and Business layer/tier?
What is the Difference Between Presentation layer/tier and Business layer/tier?  I have searched many Books, Articles, Forums to find this answer,but i haven't found the answer. Do servlet belongs to a presentation/business layer 

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JSF,Integrating Presentation Layer
JSF,Integrating Presentation Layer          In this section we will learn about configuring the presentation layer. The presentation tier integration 

Hibernate Questions

why to use hibernet as a dataacces layer

Hibernate Questions

What is Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer?
What is Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer?  Hi, explain me the difference in between Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer? Thanks   Hi... Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer. Thanks 

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Accessing Jqxgrid data in Controller layer using JSP
Accessing Jqxgrid data in Controller layer using JSP  I am using... controller layer using JAVA. What i actually require is to fetch the data which... to Controller layer,thats more than enough, I can take it forward. Is there any 

Java Technology Tutorials

Understanding Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer
Understanding Spring Struts Hibernate DAO Layer... Hibernate DAO Layer   The Data Access Object for this application is written... access object. The Hibernate DAO consists applicationContext-hibernate.xml 

PHP Tutorial

PHP References Explained

Java Server Faces

Implementing Data Access Layer with Hibernate
Implementing Data Access Layer with Hibernate  ... we are using Hibernate to implement data access layer. Hibernate is an open... the Java Collection framework. Data Access Object (DAO) In this application we 


Windows 10 Privacy settings explained

Spring 3

Spring Web, Spring Web Modules, Spring Web Example
layer. The Spring Web modules allows the developers to develop/manage web... easier. The Spring Web Layer contains following modules: Web.... With the help of many examples we will understand the Spring Web layer modules in details 


PHP Frameworks
PHP Frameworks       Zephyr Zephyr is an MVC (model-view-controller) framework and supports complete separation of business logic layer from presentation layer 


Hibernate Tutorial for Beginners Roseindia
different versions are explained below in simple language. What is Hibernate... to develop the data access layer for your free as well as commercial application 

Hibernate Tutorial Example

Hibernate Hibernate is a framework for Java technology, which is used to develop persistence layer of a Java based application. It is Object Relational.... Hibernate is Java library which is used to develop the data access layer 

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How Ajax Works
How Ajax Works         How Ajax Works Ajax adds an extra layer of functionality in the communication model. Ajax engine acts 

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Introduction to Hibernate
Introduction to Hibernate           When an application is developed, a major portion of that application involves the creation and maintenance of the persistence layer 

Spring 3

Pass message controller to viiew with the help of Model in Spring 3
Pass message from Controller to View with help of Model in Spring 3.0: In this example, we will discuss about the pass message or different types of value from controller to the view layer. For example, if the class or view validator 

JSF Tutorials & Examples

Developing JSP files
Developing JSP Files      This login and registration application uses JSP for presentation layer. Our application has 10 JSP pages. login.jsp success.jsp useraccount.jsp 


JayJax       JayJax is an integration project for current AJAX libraries (prototype, scriptaculous etc.) enhanced by a Model-Presenter-Layer and the goal is to allow various communication 

Software Development

Technology index page
Technology related terms are explained here. Learn it by the tutorials and examples explained here 


Installing JDK 8 on Windows 10 and configuring the settings
as shown below: Now click next and follow the installer as explained... as explained in the video, following screen shot shows how to set the JAVA_HOME 

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Flex 3 data binding process and example
Data binding in Flex 3:- Data binding is a process to pass data from one object to another object and is a process to pass data between different layer of the application. There are many type of data binding in Flex 3. The source 


Arc MIDlet Example
Arc MIDlet Example       In the previous draw arc example, we have explained how to draw an arch on the screen. But in this example we are going to show how to draw arc 

Hibernate Tutorial Example

Hibernate 3 Query Example Part 1
the persistence layer for your web applications. Optionally Hibernate caching can 


Open Source Frameworks
Open Source Frameworks Open Source Web Frameworks in Java The core of the Struts framework is a flexible control layer based on standard technologies like Java Servlets, JavaBeans, ResourceBundles, and XML, as well 

Hosting Tutorial

SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for short is a protocol. It was developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents over internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system which uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt the data 


Inheritance program in java