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Spring Framework

Redirecting and forwarding to views
In this section, you will learn about redirecting and forwarding views through prefixes 

JSP Interview Questions

JSP forwarding
JSP forwarding  What is JSP forwarding?   Hi, You can use the JSP forward tag for jsp forwarding. This will help you forward your request to some other page on the same server. Here is the code for jsp forwarding 

Struts 2 Tutorials

Creating Views
Creating Views Struts provides their own JSP tag library for creating view. For using those library you need to import them on your page as <%@taglib uri="/struts-tags" prefix="s"%> This tag library 

JSP Servlet Questions

problem in forwarding response
problem in forwarding response  My response is not getting displayed. i have used RequestDispatcher.forward,RequestDispatcher.include and response.sendRedirect.There is no error on console nor any javascript error 


Views       VIEW.... A VIEW provides as a security mechanism also. VIEWS ensures that users are able to modify and retrieve only that data which seen by them.  By using Views 

Java Beginners

how to use views - Java Beginners

Java Beginners

Retrieve values from database using views
database so i have created views in database where i am selecting only... from that created views and display on form . I am trying to do so but its... from views? plz help thanks in advance 

PHP Questions

Why are MySQL Routines and Views not used with PHP?
Why are MySQL Routines and Views not used with PHP?  I've been looking at a number of web sites, frameworks, and scripts written in PHP and noticed NONE of them make use of MySQL Views or Routines. Alarmingly very very few even 

JSP Servlet Questions

forwarding request to a jsp from a filter and displaying image in that jsp
forwarding request to a jsp from a filter and displaying image in that jsp ... And i am forwarding request...").forward(request, response); Above line is forwarding the request to login.jsp 

JSP Servlet Questions

forwarding request to a jsp when user clicks on back button in ie
forwarding request to a jsp when user clicks on back button in ie  Hi all, I have developed a web based application. After user log out of the application, We should not allow the customer to go back to the previous page. Can 

SQL Tutorial

Views in SQL
Views in SQL       A View is a virtual or imaginary table based on the outcome of a SELECT statement. A view include rows and columns as real table. A view include 

Java Mail

Forwarding Messages using Java Mail
Forwarding Messages using Java Mail       This Example shows you how to forward a message using javamail api. there is no method to forward a mail from one user to another 

Programming Tutorials

Push View Controller - Example
In this pushViewController example, you'll find the way to make transition between two views. In Cocoa, we have several instance methods which is used for pushing and popping stack items. For example ... – pushViewController 


MapLib       Maplib.net, a website that turns any pictures from users into zoomable& panble views like Google Maps, is powered by prototype AJAX framework Read full Description 

Java Server Faces

JSF Tags
application typically uses JSP pages to represent views. JSF provides useful special tags to enhance these views. Each tag gives rise to an associated component... supports the html library. Core tag library also contains tags for views and sub-views 

Struts Questions

Regarding tiles and struts - Struts
Regarding tiles and struts  Hi, i have a struts application which uses tiles my problem is when i am redirecting/forwarding from a jsp page(which...; Hi,In case of Tiles view is created using multiple sub views(many jsp files 

Java Server Faces

Using Core Tags, Html Tags
to develop views. Each tag gives rise to an associated component. JSF tags can... library. Core tag library also contains tags for views and sub-views , loading 


Table View Application
Table View Application Introduction: Table views are commonly... table-view programming and shows how to create and manage table views in your..., as well as the programmatic interfaces related to table views. It also 

Eclipse Plugins

eDump-Eclipse Screenshot Utility
, Eclipse workbench windows, and Eclipse workbench parts such as editors or views 

Job Tips

Improve Your Assertiveness at Work
by imposing their views on others and forcing them to do what they want... An aggressive person often tramples upon other people’s rights, views... for others. High self-esteem and respect for other people’s views and rights form 

Free Magazine

Introduction to Facelet
) that allows building composite views more quickly and easily than with JSP... and its framework uses a fast SAXbased compiler to build views. Facelets can make 


actions are available both in java editor views and in package explorer 

Web Development

Tools of Social Media Marketing
sites. What started, as platform for people to share views and opinions... the arrival of social networking sites. Forums offer space to share views and opinions... and other groups where the member can enrich their knowledge buy sharing views 

Eclipse Plugins

by the standard Java browsing views in Eclipse 3.0. The Protocols plug 


VoIP Quality Review
, speed dial, call waiting/forwarding, caller ID, fax support, directory 


Golden Triangle Travel India

Struts 2 Tutorials

Introduction To Application
actions, forwarding request from one action to other etc. In this application... views the result. The admin have the privilege  to add the question 


to select the data from more than one table or views. When you define multiple tables or views in the FROM clause of a query the MySQL performs a join 

SQL Question

Advance DBMS
Advance DBMS  What are views? Explain its various types?   Hi, Database allows us to create abstract form of the data from different tables. This is done through views. Read how to create view at Views in SQL 


Objective C Tutorial
-featured applications, utilizing the best features of Objective c like views... Introspection, Categories, Forwarding, Dynamic Loading etc. What next? We