How to upload videos on YouTube and make money?

This video explains you the step by step process for uploading your video to YouTube and start earning. You could earn $1000s once your video get promoted and large number of people are viewing it.

Learn the process of uploading videos on YouTube and start making decent money - $1000s per month

In this video tutorial I will explain you the process of uploading the video on YouTube and making the necessary settings in your YouTube channel for enabling it for monetization. After you have monetized your video and users are coming to your video you will start getting the money.

In this video you will learn the process of selecting your channel, upload video and update the settings to enable the monetization. This video tutorial also shows you how to change the custom thumbnail image for your video. You can make the thumbnail image locally and then update on your the YouTube server. In some cases custom image may attract more viewers for your video.

Upload video on YouTube and starting making 1000s of dollars per month

First of all you can find the topics of your interest and shoot the video using any of the video camera. Then you can transfer the video to your computer. Finally you have to create the video using any of the video editing software.

Here is the video tutorial of uploading the video on YouTube:

Steps to upload the video on YouTube:

Step 1: Login to the YouTube account

Step 2: Select your channel - You can have multiple channels per YouTube account. If you have multiple channels then go to the top right side of YouTube website and then click on your "User Name". It will display the following screen:

Upload video on YouTube

Step 3: Then click on the "All my channels" link and it will display the screen to select the channel. Then select the channel where you want to upload the video.

Step 4: Drag and drop the video in the "Select file to upload Or drag and drop the video files" section as shown below:

Upload video on YouTube

Step 5: Once video file upload begins you can enter the certain details about the video such as "Title", "Description", "Tags" and other settings as shown in the above video tutorial.

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How to upload videos on YouTube and make money?

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