How to Encrypt Your Cloud Storage?

Encrypting data for cloud storage is increasingly becoming a priority thanks to the burgeoning security threats and concern over privacy of information in cloud storage services. Here you will know different ways as to how encrypt your cloud storage for better data security.

Why all this fuss on how to encrypt your cloud storage? Is cloud environment is so much vulnerable to breach of privacy and information security? While these things are part of a larger enquiry about the pros and cons of new cloud computing environment, there can hardly be any doubt about the popularity that cloud applications are enjoying. For some time now cloud became almost the buzzword for a range of new applications and data storage programs that are offering simply unprecedented leverage in respect of gaining access to your data and file from multiple devices and different locations. But if this what made the popularity of cloud computing and cloud applications almost go up at a skyrocketing speed, then obviously the great array of security threats, malware threats and threats to privacy of information are at the same time considered as big drawbacks of cloud applications. Precisely these drawbacks are increasingly making it one major priority to encrypt your cloud storage. There are plenty of applications for that and some of them are even free.

A encrypt Container

The first or most common step to encrypt your cloud storage is to use one container application for all your files. There are plenty of such encryption services, but few of them you can count as truly smarter. TrueCrypt is one such application to create an encrypting container and smoothly transfer your files to cloud storage. Within your cloud storage folder you can find your encrypted TrueCrypt folder to access your data. This is one preferable solution as far as the data security is concerned by using encryption. The best thing is to watch a few online guides as to how to go through this encryption process and data retrieval before actually applying it.

Encrypting Application

To encrypt your cloud storage depending upon the online application is one of the most popular way outs. There are plenty of applications that can encrypt your entire data and store it in a folder in the cloud storage. There are even some applications that let you use it on different platforms and devices. Just imagine having an application like that you can encrypt your data in all sorts of cloud storage services like Google Drive, Sky Drive, iCloud or other cloud storage devices on windows or android platform.

Cloud services that supports client side encryption

Besides using encrypting applications or container encrypting to store your data in general cloud services without running the risk of being vulnerable to breaches of data security, there are also some specific cloud services that support client side encryption with a view to ascertain better privacy and data security. These services just let you encrypt your data locally and as a result the service providers themselves cannot view your data even if they want to. To encrypt your cloud storage the option of dedicated cloud services that supports client side encryption is more popular because these services offer more flexibility so that you can synchronize any folder of your choice on your computer.

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How to Encrypt Your Cloud Storage?

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