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  1. The programmer's Reference for client services Applications
    This lesson  provides of the Client Services Applications (CSAs) and defines how CSAs work. The Client Services feature of CICS allows you to write a Client Services Application (CSA). A CSA is a CICS program that accesses LAN-based data sources, including SQL Server or any database that can be accessed by a Direct Connect. Results can be returned to the CSA for processing or transferred to another database. A CSA uses standard CICS services to perform its processing. Examples of CICS services a CSA might use are scheduling and security management programs.
  2. Database server Connect Programmer's Reference for PL/1
    Open ServerConnect Programmer's Reference for PL/1 contains reference information for the PL/1 version of Open ServerConnect(TM) Gateway-Library(TM). Open ServerConnect Programmer's Reference for PL/1 is a reference book for application programmers who write PL/1 programs that call Open ServerConnect Gateway-Library functions, and for system programmers who want to use its tracing and accounting features. This book assumes that you are familiar with the PL/1 programming language and know how to write PL/1 programs under either CICS, MVS or IMS TM. It does not contain instructions for writing PL/1 programs. Rather, it describes the functions that can be called within your PL/1 programs to perform communication, conversion, tracing, and accounting functions.
  3. The Open ServerConnect Programmer's reference for COBOL
    Open ServerConnect is a programming environment that lets you create mainframe transactions that Sybase client applications can execute. Open ServerConnect transactions can retrieve and update data stored on an IBM mainframe in any mainframe resource, such as VSAM files, TD queues, TS queues, and DL/1 databases, and in DB2 databases and other DBMSs. Open ServerConnect is available for CICS, IMS TM and MVS. It runs on an IBM System/390 or plug-compatible mainframe computer. It uses a host transaction processor, such as CICS, as a communications front end and uses the LU 6.2 or TCP/IP communications protocols. Open ServerConnect provides a set of built-in high-level functions for use in mainframe server applications that communicate with Sybase clients such as Open Client applications, third-party tools, and server-to-server programs.
  4. Open ClientConnect and Open ServerConnect Messages and Codes
    This book describes the messages and codes that are returned by the Open ServerConnect and Open ClientConnect programs and related products. For each message, a probable cause and suggested course of action is provided. Open ServerConnect messages fall into the following categories:
    *  Errors in the client request
    * Messages generated by customer-written host transactions
    * Messages returned from the mainframe database


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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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