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  1. The SQL Server Manager Reference Manual
    Enterprise SQL Server Manager Reference Manual is a reference tool describing the basic syntax and usage information for every Enterprise SQL Server Manager TM command. This manual is for administrators who want to manipulate Sybase(R) SQL ServerTM database objects within the Tivoli Management Environment, either from the operating system command line or using scripts. This manual is for experienced Enterprise SQL Server Manager administrators. It assumes you are familiar with SQL Server and database concepts and the procedures described in the Tivoli Management Platform Guide and the Enterprise SQL Server Manager User's Guide.
  2. The SQL Advantage User's Guide
    This SQL Advantage User's Guide gives detailed procedures for starting, stopping, and using SQL Advantage. It is designed for Sybase SQL Serverä administrators, system architects, application developers, and users performing ad hoc queries on databases, all of whom may have varying levels of familiarity with Transact-SQL and SQL Server. SQL Advantage is an easy-to-use Transact-SQL (T-SQL) editor that helps you compose syntactically correct T-SQL command statements with the assistance of T-SQL command templates and point-and-click tools. You can then execute your T-SQL queries, and view the results either as text, or within a gridded, spreadsheet-like display. 
  3. Security Features User's Guide
    This manual describes the security features available with Sybase SQL ServerTM release 11.0. It provides instructions and guidelines for using the security features provided with SQL Server. Security is discussed from the perspective of the non-administrative user. This manual is intended for all users of SQL Server, but it particularly addresses non-administrative users who own database objects but do not have special roles such as that of System Administrator or System Security Officer. If you are an administrator who is interested in setting up a secure operating environment for SQL Server, read the Security Administration Guide, which describes how to administer the security features provided by SQL Server.
  4. SQL Server Manager Installation and Planning Guide
    This chapter presents a brief introduction to Enterprise SQL Server Manager (ESSM). It describes the product's features and its relationship to the Tivoli Management Environment (TME). Enterprise SQL Server Manager is a SQL Server administration tool. It is designed to address the needs of an organization that has implemented an enterprise-based client/server architecture. Enterprise SQL Server Manager offers a highly scalable, interoperable, and extensible solution that adheres to a common, standards-based, object-oriented architecture. Running as a TME application, Enterprise SQL Server Manager lets administrators manage multiple SQL Servers that are distributed across multiple hosts from a single desktop.


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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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