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  1. The Configuring Adaptive Server for Unix Platform
    The Adaptive Server installation and configuration process defines various user roles. Different user roles have different responsibilities and privileges. These user roles clarify the way Adaptive Server is to be integrated into your system.
    Operating system administrator - The individual who maintains the operating system. This individual has "superuser", or "root", privileges.
    System Administrator - The individual responsible for Adaptive Server. This person may not be the same person who is responsible for administration of the operating system.
  2. The DirectConnect Server Administration Guide
    DirectConnect is a Sybase product set that provides basic connectivity to non-Sybase data sources. In particular, it provides access management, copy management, and remote systems management. EnterpriseConnect(TM) products provide a common, enterprise-wide architecture that supports the development of distributed computing applications. Enterprise Connect products provide the following middleware services: * Distributed database access services * Transaction services  * Mainframe integration * Data delivery * Object interfaces
  3. Introduction of DirectConnect for Informix
    This chapter introduces basic DirectConnect concepts and outlines the globalization process.  DirectConnect for Informix is a component of the Enterprise Connect Data Access IPS, which consists of components that provide access to distributed data. DirectConnect for Informix is a Sybase product that provides basic connectivity to non-Sybase data sources. In particular, it provides access management, copy management, and remote systems management. DirectConnect for Informix consists of a DirectConnect Server, DirectConnect for Informix Service Libraries, and DirectConnect for Informix Services. The DirectConnect Server routes incoming client requests and provides a set of support functions that includes logging, tracing, and message handling. You can use it to add and delete services, configure service properties, and manage other features.
  4. Administration guide for Novell UnixWare
    Sybase SQL Server handles all data management and transaction functions, independent of client applications and user interface functions. SQL Server manages multiple databases and multiple users, keeps track of the actual location of data on disks, maintains mapping of logical data description to physical data storage, and maintains data and procedure caches in memory.  Sybase SQL Server runs on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. Operating system-specific issues do not affect the basic functionality of SQL Server, but there are some differences among platform implementations.

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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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