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  1. Introduction of  DirectConnect Anywhere
    This lesson introduces basic DirectConnect concepts and outlines the globalization process. DirectConnect Anywhere is a component of the Enterprise Connect Data Access IPS, which consists of components that provide access to distributed data. DirectConnect consists of a server and one or more service libraries. The server provides the framework in which the service libraries operate. Each access service library accesses data from a particular target database, such as AS/400, DB2, Informix, ODBC, and so forth. The DirectConnect Anywhere Access Service Library accesses ODBC-accessible data. It consists of one or more access services that have specific sets of configuration properties.
  2. The User Guide of Sybase dbQueue
    dbQueue is a distributed messaging system that uses queues to enable applications to share information across a network. Applications can send and retrieve data asynchronously using queues that are integrated into the application's database. Applications can run at different times and at different locations with the reliability of database transactions. There dbQueue process consists of three basic events the are following here:
    * Application A enqueues messages to a queue in its local database. 
    * The dbQueue-supplied Queue Transfer Manager (QTM) program asynchronously transfers the messages from the local queue to the receiving queue. 
    * Application B, at the receiving end, dequeues the message from its local queue for processing.
  3. The Referance guide of dbQuese
    This chapter provides an overview of the dbQueue objects API, which is a C++ class library for administering and using queues. Before application programs can use the dbQueue objects library, you must: 
    * Install and properly configure databases used for storing the catalog and queues. 
    * Install ODBC drivers and properly configured data sources. 
    * Set the following environment variables: 
    * SYBASE - must point to a SYBASE release directory
    * DBQ - must point to your dbQueue release directory
  4. Installation and Reference Guide ClearConnect 1.3
    This chapter provides an overview of the Enterprise Connect product line, including how ClearConnect relates to other Enterprise Connect products. Enterprise Connect is a set of Sybase products that provides a common, enterprise-wide architecture that supports the development of distributed computing applications. Enterprise Connect products provide the following services:
    * Access to distributed databases
    * Mainframe integration
    * Batch and real-time information delivery
    * Object interfaces
    * Transaction services
    * Internet services

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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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