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  1. Server Administration Guide for DirectConnect
    This chapter introduces basic DirectConnect concepts and describes the DirectConnect Server external files. DirectConnect is an Open Server-based Sybase product that provides consistent connectivity to non-Sybase data sources. In particular, it provides access management, copy management, and remote systems management. DirectConnect consists of a DirectConnect Server, service libraries, and services. The following sections describe these components. The DirectConnect Server routes incoming client requests and provides a set of support functions that includes logging, tracing, and message handling.
  2. Transaction router service user's Guide
    DirectConnect TRS is a component of the Mainframe Connect IPS, which consists of components that provide access and integration of mainframe data. For more information about the Mainframe Connect IPS,  DirectConnect is Open Server-based software that supports DB-Library, CT-Library, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) application programming interfaces (APIs). DirectConnect serves as a fundamental building block for highly-scalable database middleware applications. DirectConnect products are local area network (LAN)-based middleware gateways and servers that provide access to non-Sybase data and applications.
  3. The Data Replication with SQL remote
    This part describes the concepts, architecture, and features of SQL Remote. The material in this part refers to both SQL Remote for Adaptive Server Anywhere and SQL Remote for Adaptive Server Enterprise. SQL Remote is a data-replication technology designed for two-way replication between a consolidated data server and large numbers of remote databases, typically including many mobile databases. SQL Remote replication is message based, and requires no direct server-to-server connection. An occasional dial-up or e-mail link is sufficient. Administration and resource requirements at the remote sites are minimal. The time lag between the consolidated and remote databases is configurable, and can range from minutes to hours or days.
  4. The SQL Modeler User's Guide
    This part describes technical characteristics of SQLModeler as well as the hardware and software it requires.  This product is a powerful tool for database design. This product is a powerful tool for database design with this product are some cases following here:- 
    * Build a Physical Data Model (PDM) for Adaptive Server databases 
    * Customize the PDM to suit physical and performance considerations 
    * Generate a database creation script 
    * Generate referential integrity triggers 
    * Customize and print model reports 
    * Reverse engineer existing databases and applications


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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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