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Database books

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  1. The Database event broker installation guide
    Enterprise Event Broker provides a collection of components that can import messages from an outside source-such as a database, application, or messaging system-convert the message to an enterprise business event, route the event through a series of event processors to act upon the event, and deliver the event to a destination. The components can also act upon local business events and export messages to an outside source. With this release, Enterprise Event Broker runs as a service of Jaguar CTS(TM). This enables you to integrate Enterprise Event Broker components into your Enterprise Application Server (EAServer) configuration to provide messaging between components.
  2. The Networks adapter for SAP R/33.9 User's Guide
    The Adapter for SAP R/3 provides a complete enterprise-wide solution for seamless integration. It serves as a plug-in that facilitates SAP R/3 integration with other applications or data sources and integration or application servers. The combination of Adapter for SAP R/3 and a server allows various applications to communicate across the enterprise as well as reduce the time and the complexity of developing and maintaining integration links. An adapter serves as the entry and exit points that connect source and target application data. Integrating applications requires that many applications work together to create a synergistic whole. New Era of Networks provides that infrastructure, which includes adapters, and works in conjunction with SAP R/3, specific integration servers, and the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) GUI. These as well as the capabilities that are necessary for various levels of integration and automation are discussed in the following sections.
  3. Configuration of  Digital alpha NT Adaptive Server Enterprise
    Adaptive Server Enterprise for Digital Alpha Windows NT is a full-featured Adaptive Server that runs under the Windows NT operating system in the Digital Alpha environment. Adaptive Server performs data management and transaction functions, independent of client applications and user interface functions. Adaptive Server also:
    * Manages multiple databases and multiple users
    * Keeps track of the data's location on disks
    * Maintains the mapping of logical data description to physical data storage
    * Maintains data and procedure caches in memory

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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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