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  1. The installation guide of e-ADK
    This lesson describes how to prepare for and run an installation on a Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, AIX, or HP-UX server. If you have a previous version of e-ADK installed, it is suggested that you uninstall that version before installing the current release. However, if you plan to continue to use your older version of the software, it can remain on the same server. Installation of the current release does not overwrite the previous installation and does not affect any files you may have added. 
  2. The Reference of e-Adapter programmer Development Kits
    The e-Adapter Development Kit (e-ADK) provides developers tools to minimize development and maintenance efforts. The e-ADK contains two components: a specialized C++ software development kit used to build adapters (SDK) and the adapter runtime environment (ARE). This book is designed as a reference for developers using the e-ADK Developer's Guide. Detailed information for developing an adapter is available in the e-ADK Developer's Guide. This section provides an overview of the e-ADK tool and architecture.
  3. The e- Adapter development kit Guide
    New Era of Networks adapters are a non-invasive way to integrate systems. An adapter serves as the entry and exit points that connect a source or target application data with any one of the integration servers using New Era of Networks technologies: New Era of Networks Rules, New Era of Networks Formatter, e-Biz Integrator, IBM MQ Series Integrator, and IBM WebSphere Integrator. New Era of Networks adapters also work with the following application servers: Sybase EAServer, IBM WebSphere Application Server, and BEA WebLogic Application Server. The e-ADK has two components: the Adapter Shell and an adapter plug-in. The Adapter Shell provided by the e-ADK dynamically loads and makes calls to an adapter plug-in.
  4. The Oracle Installation/Reference for Windows NT
    DirectConnect for Oracle provides Open Client(TM) access to Oracle databases. It operates as a standalone gateway, in conjunction the Component Integration Services feature of Adaptive Server Enterprise (with the Extended Enterprise Option), and with OmniConnect. In standalone mode DirectConnect for Oracle provides client applications with an Open Client interface to Oracle databases. To the client it appears as an Open Server(TM) application that understands Oracle SQL. DirectConnect for Oracle can also be used with Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) or OmniConnect. The combination offers clients a Transact-SQL(R) interface to external Oracle data. 
  5. Installation guide directConnect for Informix
    The Sybase DirectConnect Server installation program is an interactive installation program that is similar to installation programs for other Sybase Open Server(TM) products. DirectConnect for Informix is a Sybase product that provides basic connectivity to non-Sybase data services. In particular, it provides access management, copy management, and remote systems management. DirectConnect for Informix consists of a DirectConnect Server, DirectConnect for Informix Access Service Libraries, and DirectConnect for Informix Access Services. The DirectConnect Server provides the framework in which the access service libraries operate. The access service libraries access Informix data. Each consists of one or more access services that are specific sets of configuration properties.


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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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