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  1. The Open ClientConnect and Open ServerConnect Messages and Codes 
    This book describes the messages and codes that are returned by the Open ServerConnect and Open ClientConnect programs and related products. For each message, a probable cause and suggested course of action is provided. Messages returned by the following programs and products are included:
    * Open ServerConnect,  * Gateway-Library, * Open ClientConnect, * Client-Library * Connection Router, * Gateway Control Transaction
    * Mainframe Client Connect, Some of these messages apply only to the mainframe transaction and are important only to the mainframe programmer. Others apply to Transaction Router Service and the client's request. 
  2. The jConnect for JDBC Programmer's reference
    Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) from the Java Software Division of Sun MicroSystems, Inc. is a specification for an application program interface (API) that allows Java applications to access multiple database management systems using Structured Query Language (SQL). The JDBC driver manager handles multiple drivers that connect to different databases. There are four type of JDBC driver some case are follow here:-
    * The JDBC-ODBC bridge 
    * The native-API party-Java driver
    * The net-protocol all-Java driver
    * The native-protocol all-Java driver 
  3. Installation and Administration Guide for DB2 MVS-CICS
    This book describes how to install and configure Mainframe Connect for DB2/MVS-CICS version 12.0. It includes planning considerations, installation instructions, configuration instructions, and troubleshooting information. This guide consists of five sections: planning, installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and appendix. The first four sections contain chapters that describe sets of tasks. The last section contains useful reference information. MainframeConnect for DB2/MVS-CICS requires the Open ServerConnect for CICS/OS/390 base tape to be installed. Therefore, the Open ServerConnect for CICS/OS/390 base tape is shipped with MainframeConnect for DB2/MVS-CICS.
  4. The Enterprise Connect 12.0 Integrated Product Sets Guide
    This chapter introduces the three Enterprise Connect Integrated Product Sets: Enterprise Connect Complete, Enterprise Connect Data Access, and Enterprise Connect Data Movement, which consist of components that provide transparent access, movement, and management of information in an Enterprise. The Sybase Mainframe Connect(TM) Integrated Product Set (Mainframe Connect) provides a suite of products that enable access and integration of mainframe data. For more information about linking LAN-based and mainframe data using Mainframe Connect, see the Overview Guide for the Mainframe Connect Integrated Product Set.


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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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