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  1. Introduction Sybase workplace SQL server
    Workplace SQL Server is an integrated set of software products for developing and deploying relational database applications. It consists of a high-performance relational database management system (RDBMS), which runs database servers, and a collection of applications and libraries, which run on database clients. This arrangement, consisting of servers accessed by multiple clients over a network, forms the basis for Sybase's client/server architecture. A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a system for storing and retrieving data in which the data is represented in two-
    dimensional tables. In early relational systems, tables were called relations. A relational database consists of a collection of tables that store interrelated data. 
  2. The Security administration Guide
    SQL Server is a database management system that is targeted for evaluation at the Class C2 criteria. The requirements for the C2 criteria are given by the Department of Defense in DOD 52.00.28-STD, Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC), also known as the "Orange Book." The TCSEC defines a Trusted Computing Base (TCB) to be the collection of computer system protection mechanisms that are responsible for enforcing a security policy. SQL Server's TCB is a composite computing base that includes the operating system platform as a component. The SQL Server's TCB includes the underlying operating system, the server's executable code, internal data such as system databases and catalogs, Backup ServerTM, and isql and bcp . 
  3. The Adaptive Server enterprise Using Sybase Central
    Sybase Central is a graphical tool that provides a common interface for administering Sybase products. Products such as Adaptive Server Enterprise, Adaptive Server Anywhere, or NetImpact Dynamo include plug-ins that allow you to manage them through Sybase Central. This manual describes how to use Sybase Central to manage and monitor Adaptive Server Enterprise. Using Sybase Central, you can manage most aspects of Adaptive Server, including the following: * Adaptive Server configuration and processes * Data caches * Disk devices * Databases and tables * Access to Adaptive Server (logins, users, roles, and groups) * Application queues (engine groups and execution classes) * Component Integration Services connections
  4. The Mainframe Connect Integrated product Set
    Mainframe Connect supplies the connectivity tools that allow you to fully integrate your mainframe and LAN-based data sources. With Mainframe Connect, you can: * Enable client applications to access data stored on CICS, IMS, and MVS systems as if it were Sybase data
    * Create custom mainframe applications that provide access to data stored on LAN-based servers
    * Create Open Server gateways to other mainframe database management systems (DBMSs), file systems, and applications
    * Create custom applications that access mainframe data sources
  5. Open Client Connect programmer's Reference for Cobol
    Enterprise CONNECT is a set of Sybase products that provide a common, enterprise-wide architecture that supports the development of distributed computing applications. Enterprise CONNECT products provide the following services:
    * Access to distributed databases
    * Mainframe integration
    * Batch and real-time information delivery
    * Object interfaces
    * Transaction services
    * Internet services


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Posted on: April 18, 2011

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