How Big Data is used in social media?

In this article we are discussing about the influences of Big Data in social media and how it helps the growth of social media.

Uses of Big Data in social media and its influence on it

Various social networking websites are producing due data per second and it includes twitter posts, facebook posts, instagram post etc.. Such a huge volume of data is very useful in analyzing various trends in the market.

For example a product company can use the likes, unlike, share, comments etc on its product post to analyze the performance of it product.

People are very active on the social network and they are sharing every minute information on their social network. This data is shared among their friends and group. Friends and group members further takes action on it and soon it become huge data set which can be analyzed for various trends and business decisions.

For example a post is viral and shared/comments by many people then it can be quickly analyzed to see if this information can be used in business decisions.

The data produced by social media is very huge and if we see the report of Visual Capitalist the it shows that every internet minute:

  • 701,389 logins on Facebook
  • 69,444 hours watched on Netflix
  • 150 million emails sent
  • 1,389 Uber rides
  • 527,760 photos shared on Snapchat
  • 51,000 app downloads on Apple's App Store
  • $203,596 in sales on
  • 120+ new Linkedin accounts
  • 347,222 tweets on Twitter
  • 28,194 new posts to Instagram
  • 38,052 hours of music listened to on Spotify
  • 1.04 million vine loops
  • 2.4 million search queries on Google
  • 972,222 Tinder swipes
  • 2.78 million video views on Youtube
  • 20.8 million messages on WhatsApp

So, this amount  of data is very huge which can only be handled by Big Data technologies. Such a huge data generation is very fast and big data enables companies of consume data at very high speed. Analysis of this data is also big challenge and big data technologies are here to solve all the data processing problem. Big Data technologies enable the social media to process data and present it to users in various formats.

So, Big Data technologies are the only widely used techniques for handling and processing of such huge data sets.

Big Data enables the growth of social media as processing and storage capacity can be increased without any downtime. It can handle unlimited data and unlimited processing for social media industry.

Big Data also offers the machine learning technologies which can be used for making machine learning system which actually increases the intelligence of the whole system.

IBM's Watson software system can be used to analyze all the tweets of companies which can be used to discover problems and opportunities.

The Twitter is very popular social media and users around the world is posting around 6,000 tweets very second. This data is gold mine and can be analyzed to produce very useful information.

So, Big Data technologies in influencing the growth of social media by providing technologies, storage, processing and analysis power to the developers.

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How Big Data is used in social media?

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